1906 BIR Form: Application for Authority to Print Receipts and Invoices

Are you a business owner who wants to print receipts and invoices for your customers? If so, you’ll need to fill out BIR Form 1906: Application for Authority to Print Receipts and Invoices. This form requests permission from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to print receipts and invoices. Please keep reading to learn more about this form and how to submit it.

What is the 1906 BIR Form?

This form is to be accomplished by all taxpayers every time printing of receipts and invoices is needed. You’ll need to secure an ATP before printing any of these documents.

Who Needs the BIR Form 1906?

You need to fill out this form if you’re a business owner. It applies to new and existing businesses that want to print new receipts or invoices for their business.

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How to Accomplish BIR Form 1906?

You can get a copy of the form from the nearest Revenue District Office (RDO) or download it from the BIR website. Once you have a copy of this form, you’ll need to fill out the following information:

Taxpayer’s information: In this section, you need to indicate your TIN, your name, business name, and address.

1906 bir form taxpayer's information

Printer’s Information: You’ll need the printer’s TIN, name, and business address.

1906 bir form printer's information

Descriptions of Invoices or Receipts: Make sure to indicate either a VAT or a Non-VAT business, the number of booklets, the number of copies per set, and lastly, the serial numbering.

1906 bir form: Description of receipts and invoices

What Are the Requirements Needed?

Printer’s Job Orders: It is a document issued from the accredited printer’s business by the BIR. Find the neareast accredited printer’s name in your RDO.

Sample Invoice or Receipt: You need to make your layout or designs to submit to the BIR. It must be final and clear and must be in printed format.

sample official receipt

Photocopies: Submit the following documents photocopy of your TIN card, proof of payment for the registration fee, and the certificate of registration (COR).

How To Secure Authority to Print Using 1906 BIR Form?

Steps on how to get authority to print from the BIR.

1. Secure or download a copy of the 1906 BIR Form: You can download the form from the BIR website or get a copy from the nearest RDO.

2. Fill out all information required: Make sure to fill in all applicable spaces with the correct information.

3. Attach requirements needed: As stated earlier, you need to submit a printer’s job order, sample invoice or receipt, and photocopies of your TIN card, registration fee payment, and COR.

4. Submit to the nearest RDO: Once you complete everything, you can submit the form to the RDO for processing.

5. Wait for ATP release: The RDO will notify you once your application has been approved and your ATP is ready for pick up. Once you get your ATP from the BIR, you can proceed to your printer’s name to print your invoice or receipt.

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When To Renew the Authority To Print (ATP)?

It would help if you renewed your ATP every five years or whenever there were changes in the information indicated on the form. Make sure to file for a renewal two months before your current ATP expires to avoid penalties.

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During the renewal of authority to print, you need to bring the above requirements including the 1906 BIR Form. After the submission of the requirements, you will be given a new ATP with a

Failing to secure an ATP before printing receipts and invoices can result in a penalty of P1,000. It may result in 20,000 penalties for issuing unregistered invoices or receipts.


As a business owner, you need to have an ATP before printing receipts and invoices for your customers. It’s a requirement set by the BIR and needs to be renewed every five years or whenever changes in the information are indicated on the form.

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