filing real property tax
Property Tax

Filing Real Property Tax in the Philippines

MOST of the local governments in the United States implement a millage rate on property tax. This tax serves as a principal source of income. In the Philippines, only a few real estate brokers are engaging in this kind of business. Well, do you know how to file real property tax in the Philippines? If not sure, this article will help you in filing real property tax in the Philippines. If you’re planning to sell…

vat invoices updates train law in the Philippines
Value Added Tax

VAT Invoices Update under Train Law 2018

Does this train tax law reform affect your business? If yes, your sales income or receipts might not be subject to value-added tax 2018. Hence, your receipts with VAT registered is no longer necessary. Yes, receipts are very important not only to help the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in collecting taxes but also for recording purposes. In fact, this document is vital in accounting purposes in recording the sales, purchases or expenses of the…