3 Reasons Why Income Tax Is Not Always A Bad Thing

No matter where you live, paying taxes is unavoidable. Whether you are involved in trade finance or business owner, you will have to pay taxes. There is a lot of discussion around taxes, specifically income taxes. The general public consensus about taxes is not a good one as people typically view them as a bad thing. This is understandable, as it can strain the finances of those who are not financially well off. It is why tax fraud is considered a serious crime by most governments and countries, like in the United States. However, income tax exists for a reason and provides various benefits to both the government and the citizens who pay it. This may seem unclear at first, which is where this article comes in. This post will define income tax, why it’s important, and three reasons it is not always bad.

What is Income Tax?

Income tax is a form of tax imposed by governments based on anyone within its jurisdiction’s income. This tax applies to the revenue and profit generated by businesses and individuals. Typically, the tax rates will vary depending on the government administration in charge.

Citizens require an income tax return to determine tax obligations. They can sometimes get deductions. Governments offer various exemptions and deductions if certain services are availed, or conditions are fulfilled. Typically, higher-income individuals have to pay a higher tax rate so as not to burden everyday citizens.

Why is Income Tax important?

Income tax is a crucial form of funding for governments for various reasons. The revenue for the government from the income tax can be used to provide for all the various needs of the people. For example, public services, new infrastructure, public schooling, and goods for citizens are funded by the government through income tax. Income tax rates can also be a factor to determine how effective government administrations are.

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Three reasons why Income Tax is not always a bad thing

Helps country prosper

Income tax provides revenue to the government to provide for the country. New infrastructure, investments and services are necessary for a country to grow and keep up with the growing demands of an increasing population. Most first-world countries are as prosperous because they effectively use the income tax that they receive from the citizens. Without this tax, governments would not function, and the lack of tax payment directly affects the country’s growth.

Improved social services

Many of the services that we take for granted are provided for by the income tax that governments receive. These services are invested in by them, allowing them to benefit the people living there. Some of these services include healthcare, transportation and education. These are services we all partake in and benefit from to a certain extent. Additionally, these services continue to improve and advance due to the continuous income tax that we provide to your governments.

Shows government effectiveness

The income tax rates are constantly changing based on the people’s administration. Tax rates are typically a subject that most candidates will discuss in their rallies to win over the people. Therefore, the tax rates they decide on can display how effective the government is. If a government imposes a high tax rate, but not much benefit is shown, then it likely means that the new administration has not used the people’s money effectively. This may be a wake-up call for people who have voted for the government as it may mean that the government will not be effective in all other sectors and services they are in charge of.


As you can see, the income tax you pay from your hard-earned profits and salaries is not always a bad thing. In many ways, you are indirectly getting benefits from the services and infrastructure you enjoy. Therefore, continuing to pay income tax is a wise decision, and it will continue to allow the country to grow with improved social services. Many countries even offer tax incentives, and we recommend taking advantage of these. We hope this article proves insightful and helps you understand income tax and its importance.

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