5 Proven Ways How to Earn Money on Gcash

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It’s no secret that there are many ways to earn money. And, with so many options out there, it can be tough to figure out which one is the best for you. This blog post will discuss five of the best ways to make money using GCash. Whether you’re a student looking for a way to make some extra cash or a business owner looking for new ways to increase revenue, these tips will help you get started! So, whether you’re ready to start making some serious money or want to explore your options, read on for five great ways to use GCash to earn some extra cash!

Invest Using GInvest

how to earn money in gcash using ginvest

GInvest is a great way to earn/save money on GCash, and the great thing about it is you can invest for as low as 50php. ATRAM is the leading asset manager where you can buy asset funds. ATRAM then lends your invested money to government corporations or purchases equities from companies.

Another advantage with GInvest is you don’t need to open a bank account or pay sales fees. Monitoring your performance is also easy with your GCash App.

How it Works

You can earn using GInvest by purchasing asset units at a low price and then selling them when the price increases through your GCash App. On the downside, you are always at risk of losing money if you sell your assets at a lower price.

How To Earn Money in Gcash
source: Gcash website

How to Invest using GInvest

Step 1: Open your GCash App and Log in

Step 2: Go to the GInvest Option

You may first need to select “View all GCash Services” to find GInvest

Step 3: Fill in the Risk Profile Questionnaire

Step 4: Click “View Details” and Select Investment Funds

How To Earn Money in Gcash
source: Gcash website

Step 5: Purchase desired units

When investing in local funds, you can invest as low as 50php, but global funds require a minimum of 1,000php.

Step 6: Wait for your order to be processed.

It may take up to three business days to process your orders.

Earn By Inviting People

How to Earn Money in Gcash using Referral

You can earn up to 50php per sign-up by sharing your referral link with friends. However, your referral must verify their GCash account and complete their first cash-in before you get paid for the referral. You can make up to 1,250php per month by inviting friends.

How to Earn Using GCash Referral

how to earn money in gcash
source: Gcash website

Step 1: Open your GCash App and Log in

Step 2: Go to “Profile”

Step 3: Select “Refer Friends” on the sidebar Menu

Step 4: Select how you would like to Invite your Friend

You may invite friends using Messenger, SMS, QR Code, or Facebook. Once you have selected your preferred channel, you will be redirected to that channel so you can invite your friends.

Sell Prepaid Load in GCash

how to earn money in GCash using buyload

This is one of the more common ways to earn money on GCash. GCash allows you to purchase Load for all networks, including Smart, Globe, TNT, and TM, ranging from 5php to 1,000php. There are also numerous prepaid promos that you can use when selling Load.

How it Works

You get a 5% rebate on all prepaid load purchases. So if, for example, you load 100php using GCash, you earn 5php. It may not sound like much, but it adds up, and if you have a lot of friends and family, it can be a good side hustle.

How to Sell Load using GCash

5 Simple steps on how to Buy Loads
source:Gcash website

Step 1: Open your GCash App and Log in

Step 2: Tap the “Buy Load” icon on your screen

Step 3: Enter the recipient’s mobile number

Step 4: Select the amount of Load or promo and click next

Step 5: Verify payment and receive a notification via SMS

Save and Earn Interest

how to earn money in GCash using save

GCash is a GSave account that earns up to 3.10% per year. This is relatively high compared to banks that offer 1% interest annually. All you have to do is deposit your desired amount in your GSavings account and earn up to 3,100php annually for 100,000php worth of savings.

How to Save and Earn Interest with GSave

Gsave Policy
source: Gcash website

Step 1: Open your GCash App and Log In

Step 2: Click the “Save Money” Icon

Step 3:Fill up the requested information

A page will appear when you complete the form confirming your ‘GSave Registration Success.’

Step 4: Select how to make a deposit

You can manually deposit by selecting “Make a Deposit” and entering the amount. Another option is to use the “Schedule Auto Deposit” which automatically deposits a specified amount on your preferred date.

Step 5: Wait for the SMS confirming your account.

How to Earn Money in Gcash- Play Gaoma Games on GCash

how to earn money in gcash in playing games

If you are fond of playing online mobile games, this is a great opportunity. GCash offers mobile game tournaments that allow you to earn money. The Goama Games are skill-based and usually require an entry price.

How it Works

You need to be the top scorer on the game’s leaderboard to earn cash prizes. For example, if you choose the “Run Ninja Run” game, you pay an entry fee of 10php and the chance to win 500php if you land first place, 200php for the fifth place, 120php for sixth to tenth place, and so on.

Playing Games

How to Play GOAMA Games on GCash

Step 1: Open your GCash App and Log In

Step 2: Select the “GLife” tap on your home screen

Explore Our Life brands
source: Gcash website

Step 3: Select “Goama Games”

Step 4: Choose the tournament you’d like to join

Step 5: Pay the entry price and start playing! 

3 Legit Paying Apps on How To Earn Money in GCash

Aside from the GOAMA games on Gcash, you can also earn money by downloading Apps and making money by watching videos, reading news, commenting, answering surveys, or referring friends. The points you gain on these Apps can be converted into cash and paid through GCash.

Here are three of the most popular, legitimate Apps:

BuzzBreak App

Buzzbreak apps earning money

BuzzBreak is one of the most popular money-earning Apps offering various options to earn money. Once you sign up to become a member, you can choose to earn points by watching videos, reading articles, or playing games. Members can also earn points by referring friends and earning rewards per referral.

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One of the great things about BuzzBreak is that there is no minimum amount for you to withdraw. You can withdraw your earnings as low as 1 peso.

On the downside, many users warn that recently, the App is having issues with cashout.

Snippet Media App

SnippetMedia earn money

If you love all kinds of news, from sports to entertainment, then Snippet Media is the App for you. You can earn points for reading. The App also allows you to share content and exchange items in Snippet Mall. You can also cash out your earnings called “Kaching” in the App.

Cashing out is possible via GCash or coins. ph and earn 4php per referral through their “Refer & Earn” program.

Milieu Survey

Milieu Earn Money

The Milieu Survey App pays users for every survey they participate in. Your responses are provided to companies who need consumer insights for their marketing. You can easily download the App on Google Playstore and cash out your earnings via GCash.

Milieu Survey usually offers 1-3 surveys per week. Each survey has varying reward points to be earned. For every 11,500 points you make, you can convert it to 200php in GCash e-gifts.

Important Reminders When Earning Money Through Apps

The main thing to remember when signing up for Apps that claim to offer GCash payout is this: If it sounds too good to be true, it’s likely a scam.

Most legitimate Apps offer minimal rewards that convert to cash, so beware of Apps with extra high rewards.

Another issue many users face is that the Apps often work well initially but then start having problems in the payout process. Some Apps reportedly ask you to cash in a certain amount from GCash to cash out your earned points- this is certified Scam activity.

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Final Thoughts

The best thing about GCash is that it offers various ways to make money. Whether you’re looking for extra cash or want to increase your revenue, there are plenty of opportunities available with this App. We’ve highlighted seven great ways to use GCash in this blog post, so start exploring today!

Do you know any other legit apps where people can earn money? Please drop your comments in the section below and let us know what they are.

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