How do you find your review? Do find it interesting or boring? If you’re having a hard time to focus on your CPA review, here are eight (8) powerful and effective tips to make yourself alert. Do you want to know it? Do you know why it might be hard for others to focus their CPA review? Here are some reasons might affect your attention in your review. If you’re distracted by other things, I’ll give you tips also on how to overcome it.

Make sure to give your best within six months to gain a lifetime success.

Many Accountancy students jumped to a review center without asking some help from those who took the review. Some are brave enough to take CPA board exam without having a CPA review. We’ll if you do that, you’re commendable.

Whether you a fresh graduate, working Full time, part-time or having self-review you should know these ways on how you can be motivated and stay focused.

What are distractions during CPA board exam?

What if I’m a fresh graduates

Well, almost 90% of those who are taking CPA review is fresh graduate. Most of the discussions, topics, methods and even jokes of your accounting professors are still fresh in your mind and that is your advantage.

Aside from having fresh knowledge about the subjects, pressures might be playing also in your mind or being optimistic because the result of your pre-board examination or whatever it was. Don’t lose hope you can still be a 100% Certified Public Accountant (CPA)after six months of your review.

What if I’m working Full time

Maybe you are asking your self many times “can I take review while not losing my job?”. Well, the answer is definitely yes if you can follow some of these tips. You might be receiving critics from your co-workers but don’t let them create your life. You must make the path your life to success.

Make your full time as your inspiration in reaching your goal to be a CPA. You might be interested to know some of these ways to pursue your dreams.

What if I’m working while taking the review

Working while taking review is not a reason to feel insufficient of reaching your goal. If you ‘re planning to resign from your Parttime, Why not to sit and try these suggestions during your review sessions.

Maybe your concern about your present income but take notes, your review takes six months only. Will you let the opportunity be sunk cost? Definitely no!. So why not to try first to sacrifice than losing your Part-time job.

“What is six months sacrifice if you will gain your lifetime success”

Tips on how to stay alert during CPA review

  1. Make an organized schedule. Some reviewees failed to do it in result they are always procrastinating.
  2. Sleep at least 6-8 hours. If you lack sleep the tendency is you feel sleepy during classes.
  3. Make notes or record the discusses on every subject and review at home or listen again and again. Having notes will help you to recall what you have learned and heard.
  4. Have notes posted in your room some important notes e.g financial ratios, tax rates, and tax base, etc.
  5. Must have appropriate time in reading your financial books especially auditing theories, law books, the theory of accounts and taxation.
  6. Take nap time after lunch break at least 15 minutes. Having rest will help you to stay awake for the rest of the days and makes you alive.
  7. Make yourself updated for the changes. Are you familiar with the train law reform? Learn more about train tax law reform.
  8. Be Positive and Enjoy the review. The more you enjoy what you’re doing the more you love it.


Knowing those tips doesn’t guarantee your success in passing CPA board exam. Those tips will help to stay focus but the main percentage of your success is your dedications and determinations. If you apply those tips, it adds only to your success.

If you have other distractions during your review, don’t forget to share your experiences with us. We’ll value your thoughts. It will help thousands of students not only during their review but also during their college life. So if you have other tips and experiences you want to share. Don’t forget to drop your comments below. If you find this article interesting and helpful, please click the share button and rate this article for further improvements.