A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Create Your First IPON Challenge

Are you someone who is always looking for new challenges and ways to push yourself? If so, then the IPON Challenge is for you! This unique challenge will test your mental toughness and resilience like never before. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you every step of the way. This post will outline exactly how to create your first IPON Challenge. So let’s get started!

Poll Question: Do you love saving money?

Yes, I’m obsessed with it.

No, it doesn’t interest me very much.

I just save what’s necessary.

What is the “Ipon” challenge

The “ipon” challenge is one of the popular trends encouraging Filipinos to save money yearly. Depending on your financial status, you can start saving money for as low as one peso or as high as you can afford. There are different ipon challenges you can select from whether you are a teenager, young adult, couple, or family man. The difference with an ipon challenge is that you save deliberately and strategically.

How to get started

The first step to getting started in the ipon challenge 2022 is to select the best ipon challenge that meets your money goals. Here are some of the most popular ipon challenges for 2022.

7 Most Effective Ipon Challenges for 2022

Most Effective IPON Challenges for 2022

1.52-Week Ipon Challenge

Ideal for: people from different income levels dedicated to saving.


  • Flexibility- you can select a variation of the 52-week ipon challenge that fits your finances.
  • Easy to start- all you need to follow your desired 52-week challenge.
  • Limitless potential- you can save as much as you want by adjusting your base amount. For example, if you start with 50php and increase it by 50php weekly, you can save up to 70,000 in 52 weeks.


It doesn’t take Income into account

The major disadvantage is that the last few weeks of the challenge may be too much for some. Minimum wage earners might have difficulty since the 52-week ipon challenge involves increasing or doubling the amount of savings per week.

How to Join the 52-Week Ipon Challenge

52-week ipon challenge for teens/minimum wage earners

  • Start with 20php on the first week
  • Increase by 20php on each of the next weeks. For example:
table showing 52 challenge by 20 pesos

52-week ipon challenge for single/average income earners

  • Start with 50php on the first week
  • Increase by 50php on each of the consecutive weeks. For example:
table showing Ipon challenge 52 weeks by 50

52-week ipon challenge for couples/average income earners

  • Start with 100php each on the first week
  • Increase by 100php on each of the consecutive weeks. For example:
table showing Ipon challenge 52 weeks by 100 pesos

2. Envelope Ipon Challenge

Ideal for: those who want flexibility and a sense of accomplishment.

Envelope Ipon Challenge


  • Thrilling- you don’t know how much you’ll need to save weekly, which offers a sense of anticipation
  • Fast- depending on the number of envelopes, you can decide how quickly you want to complete the challenge
  • Easy- all you need is a certain number of envelopes, a pen, and a box, and you’re good to go.


Since the amount you save weekly is random, there may be some weeks where you save more than you expect. You will need to stick to your plan even through tough times.

How to Join the Envelope Challenge

  • Gather envelopes coinciding with the number of weeks you wish to save (20 weeks=20 envelopes)
  • Designate a number from 20php to 1,000php
  • Place the envelopes in a box
  • Shuffle them weekly and select an envelope
  • Save the denomination indicated on the envelope

3.365 Daily Challenge

Ideal for: people who want a simple solution that doesn’t require many complications


  • Easy to follow- the 365-day challenge only requires that you save a certain amount of money daily
  • No computations required- you won’t need to calculate any increases or keep track of your savings
  • Flexible- anyone can join the challenge and tailor the amount saved daily to their finances


The only disadvantage with the 365-day challenge is that you’d need to consciously put aside a specific amount daily. If you miss any day, you might sabotage your savings.

Think of a project or something you want to buy at the end of 365 days!

How to Join the 365 Day Challenge

table showing ipon challenge for 365 days
  • Decide on a specific amount that you can afford to set aside daily
  • Calculate how much you can save by multiplying this amount by 365
  • Adjust your set amount according to your budget/ yearly goal
  • Set a reminder every day to drop the amount in your piggy bank
  • Do not open your bank until the end of the 365 days

table showing Ipon challenge

4.12 Month Salary-Based Ipon Challenge

Ideal for: People who have a monthly fixed income from all income levels whose Income is predictable


  • Flexible- you can vary the amount you save depending on your monthly earnings
  • Realistic- with your Income factored in, and you can quickly achieve your desired savings
  • Practical- anyone with a monthly income can participate in this challenge


The disadvantage of the 12-month ipon challenge is that it requires some computation and a basic understanding of math principles. This may not be the best idea after a straightforward solution.

How to Join the 12 Month Ipon Challenge

Calculate how much you can save monthly based on the formula below

Base Amount + additional savings (month % x monthly income) = Monthly Savings

Base amount- the minimum amount you will save per month. You can set a default to zero or set your amount if you earn more

Month %- percentage starting from 1% in January and increasing until 12 % in December

Monthly Income- your monthly salary

Monthly savings- the amount you will save monthly

See the table below for an example

table showing salary based Ipon challenge
Ipon challenge salary based
Ipon challenge 2022 based on salary
Ipon challenge by salary based
Ipon challenge based on salary
  • Set aside the specified amount each month religiously
  • If you are paid semi-monthly, can also adjust this to meet your needs

5.Invisible Money Ipon Challenge

Ideal for: People who are new at saving and want a fun way to get into the habit of saving. Invisible money refers to money you do not spend because it meets your specifications of ‘invisible money.


  • Easy to remember- setting aside specific notes or amounts are easy to remember and will help you start the habit of saving.
  • Limits spending- with less money available to spend, you are less likely to overspend
  • Straightforward- all you need to do is remember what you consider ‘invisible money and set it aside. Some set aside specific denominations (20php, 50php, etc.) while others select particular numbers (such as special days) and save them if these numbers appear in the money’s serial number. Another option is setting aside all new notes.


The biggest downside of the invisible money challenge is that it can be restrictive at times. For example, if

you are down to your last bill, and it happens to be of the denomination/ serial number you decided was ‘invisible money; you may end up breaking your habit.

Another con is that it is limited to physical money and cannot work. You also have no way of knowing how much you can save.

How to Join the Invisible Money Ipon Challenge

  • Decide what you will consider ‘invisible money.’
  • Every time you receive invisible money, immediately set it aside by placing it in a separate wallet or piggy bank

6. Bisyo Ipon Challenge

Ideal for: those who have a terrible habit/bisyo and wish to stop it while saving at the same time


  • Double effect- you are more likely to quit by fining or penalizing yourself each time you give in to your bad habit.
  • Easy to follow- the mechanics are straightforward with no need for calculation


The most significant disadvantage of the Bisyo challenge is once you start getting in control of your habit, you will be saving less. Also, the idea of keeping your penalty may promote a negative outlook on savings as you relate it to punishment for failing to harness your habit.

How to join the Bisyo Ipon Challenge

  • Think of a bad habit you would like to conquer. This may be anything from smoking to eating junk food or waking up late.
  • Specify a specific amount to charge yourself each time you give in
  • Each time you give in to your habit, pay your piggy bank the specified amount

7. Save for a Cause Ipon Challenge

Ideal for: People who have a specific reason to save money. This can be to purchase an item or any other goal that is important to you.


  • Motivating- with a goal in mind, you are more likely to stick to your saving goals
  • Easy to follow- all you need to do is set a specific date when you desire to achieve your savings goals
  • Encourages discipline- each time you reach your savings goals, you develop more discipline for higher goals


This goal-oriented challenge may be difficult if you lack self-motivation because you set your when and how much to save.

Challenges and Solutions when Participating in the “Ipon” Challenge 2022

infographic showing challenges and solutions in starting Ipon challenge 2022

Challenge 1: Having no Budget

Without a budget, you will not stick to your ipon challenge and will quickly find yourself spending instead of saving. Having and sticking to a budget is one of the first steps to achieving your saving goals.


Try the 50/20/30 % budget rule where 50% of your Income goes to necessities like bills, housing, etc., 30% goes to wants like entertainment, and 20% goes to savings. Each time you get your paycheck, do the math and set aside money accordingly.

Challenge 2: Bad Debt Management

Debts can quickly accumulate interest, and you can find yourself swimming in debt. When this happens, setting aside money for savings can be near impossible. Instead of saving money, you may end up accumulating more and more debts.


If you already have many debts, try paying them one at a time, starting with the highest interest debt. Another option is to consolidate your debts into one loan that is easier to manage. The only disadvantage is that you may have higher interest over time.

Challenge 3: Lack of Financial Literacy

Some of the ipon challenges require a basic knowledge of finances to help you compute accordingly. Lack of understanding of how to invest or what to do with your savings can result in a cycle of spending your savings and starting all over again.


Educate yourself on managing your finances and savings by knowing what options you have in your area. For example, you can try Gcash Savings or GInvest, all available on GCash. Another option is to hire a financial adviser and get specific advice on how to handle your finances.

Challenge 4: Lack of Discipline

This is probably one of the more common hindrances to succeeding in your 2022 Ipon challenge. If you lack the will or motivation to save, you will never be able to stick to your challenge until the end. Lack of determination to keep can have long-term effects.


The best way to beat this issue is to tailor your challenge to your specific needs. For instance, you can start with the 365-day challenge to get you in the habit of saving. Once you get the hang of this, you can move forward to a more disciplined challenge like the 52-week challenge.

Challenge 5: Inflated Lifestyle

Lifestyle inflation happens when you get an increase in Income and inevitably increase your lifestyle. You may find yourself spending more than you used to on luxuries or more costly items. Once this switch happens, things you consider as ‘want’s’ may turn into needs.


If you have experienced an increase in Income, take time to pause and review what you are spending on today, comparing it with what you used to pay. Then, cut expenses that aren’t necessary and instead add this to your savings.


So it’s been a long time since Ipon Challenge. But who says hard work doesn’t pay? The Iron Challenge has boppin’ results and takes a fair amount of time. Which one did you commit to, and which tip worked for you? In the comment section below, please let me know!

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