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Cheapest Cars Philippines 2023: Top 15 Picks Under 1M

Having your first car in the Philippines can be daunting, considering that you need to deal with additional costs such as taxes and paperwork. But don’t worry! On this list of Cheapest Cars Philippines, we included 15 best picks – all for under 1 million pesos! Whether you’re looking for something affordable or just trying to stretch your budget to get more features within the price range – no matter what you’ll need from your car – there will be something here that suits your needs

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Consumer Protection Laws of the Philippines: Know Your Rights

Do you know what your rights are as a consumer in the Philippines? You may be surprised to learn that there are many laws that protect consumers from exploitation and ensure they get quality goods or services for their hard-earned money. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the different consumer protection laws in the Philippines.

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Business in the Philippines for Less than 50k Capital

ave you ever wanted to do your own franchise in the Philippines below 50k and become an entrepreneur but thought it needed to be more expensive and complicated? If yes, then this blog post is for you! Here we will tell you how to start a successful business in the Philippines with just 50k Capital. By hearing inspiring success stories from other entrepreneurs who started their businesses on a budget, understanding government policies that support newbies like yourself, and identifying potential pitfalls, starting up your company becomes much less intimidating.

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What is the Highest Appraisal Pawnshop in the Philippines?

What is the highest appraisal pawnshop in the Philippines? If so, you’re not alone! Many people are looking for a reliable, high-end pawn shop to get great value for their assets. Luckily, we have researched and compiled a list of some of the best options available in the country. It doesn’t matter if you need to arrange quick cash or want to store your valuable possessions—you will find an excellent option with us today that fits all these needs perfectly.

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Requirements for Transfer of Land Title in the Philippines: A Complete Guide

If you are looking to buy or transfer property in the Philippines, it is essential to ensure you understand all the regulations surrounding land titles. Aside from basic legal knowledge of real estate laws, other requirements must be fulfilled for a seamless transitory process. To help guide you through this intricate system, we have compiled a comprehensive piece outlining all the steps to transfer a land title in the Philippines.

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SSS Paternity Leave: How to File and FAQs for Working Dads

Being a working dad can be both rewarding and challenging. With the right resources and support, it doesn’t have to be an either/or choice between family life and professional life. This is why SSS paternity leave is such an essential resource for expecting fathers – not only does it allow you to spend precious time with your growing family, but it also helps maintain good job security and potentially even increase pay in some instances

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