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4 Train Law Updates 2020: Everyone Must Know

It’s been two years since the Philippine government imposes the train law. Are you looking for train law updates 2020? In the previous article “Latest Train Law Issuance 2019,” I’ve discussed significant changes in train law taxes. Some of these adjustments are the new rates on life insurance, creditable withholding tax on top withholding agents. Also, VAT exempt for sale of Drugs for Diabetes, High-Cholesterol, and Hypertension and estate tax filing and installment payments. If…

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What is the Effect of Train Law on the Philippine Tax?

In every change made, there is always a positive or negative effect on the existing rule. This effect could affect the entire system or might touch on the portion of an order. For example, if you change your eating habits, there could be a favorable or unfavorable effect on your body. This effect might feel you uncomfortable at first. Let's see what is the effect of train law on our tax system. Let's answer some…

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Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Tax Train Law

The appearance of a person is very important to us either at work, school or even social media. To change their appearance many people wanted to change their look according to their likes and this transition is called the surgery. You might be wondering, is it subject to tax under the train tax law in the Philippines? Let's start the definition of cosmetic surgery and what type of surgery is taxable under train law. (more…)