Category: Income Tax

In this category you will learn about income tax Philippines. You will learn on how to apply as barangay micro business enterprise, how to process your business in the BIR and what documents that you need to process.

13th Month Pay Calculator Philippines

Did you know that in the Philippines, employers are required to give their employees a 13th month pay? The amount of this extra salary payment depends on a few factors, including the employee’s length of service and compensation. If you’re not sure how to calculate your 13th month pay, don’t worry – we’ve got a 13th month pay calculator for you. Read more!

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Withholding Tax and Tax Rates under Train Law

Here are the updates of withholding tax in the Philippines under the new tax reform- TRAIN law 2018. It includes the updated withholding tax rates. The definition of the withholding tax is also well define. What are the income subject to withholding tax for a citizen, resident alien in the Philippines?. There are other income received by the resident citizen subject to withholding tax rate.

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