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Income Tax

5 Countries with the Highest Income Tax Rates-Read before you Migrate

If you can’t stop complaining about how much deductions you get for every paycheck, you might want to start counting your blessings. There are many countries around the world that have outrageous taxes so before you decide to migrate, make sure you get your facts straight. Unlike VAT, estate tax or donor's tax, income tax is paid depending on your income alone, in the Philippines that is. In other countries, income tax has a whole…

Documentary Stamp Tax

4 Train Law Updates 2020: Everyone Must Know

It’s been two years since the Philippine government imposes the train law. Are you looking for train law updates 2020? In the previous article “Latest Train Law Issuance 2019,” I’ve discussed significant changes in train law taxes. Some of these adjustments are the new rates on life insurance, creditable withholding tax on top withholding agents. Also, VAT exempt for sale of Drugs for Diabetes, High-Cholesterol, and Hypertension and estate tax filing and installment payments. If…

hilarous taxes

10 of the Weirdest Taxes Around the World-#5 is Hilarious

Not many things are defined in our unpredictable lives, but taxes sure are. It's safe to say that taxes make the world go round and sometimes give us a laugh while it's at it. You would think taxation is a serious matter and, therefore, only for 'serious' things, but there are tons of taxes that are outright weird. Here is a list of the weirdest taxes in America and around the world. Watch out for…

Estate Tax

Latest Train Law Issuance 2019

Have you read the latest issued revenue regulations and memorandum this year 2019? If you haven't, here are five (5) tax updates this year 2019 that you should read. What are these updates 2019? These updates include first, new tax rates for life insurance and insurance in a foreign insurance company. Second, the creditable withholding tax for top withholding agents for their purchases of goods and services on their suppliers. It also defines who are…


Top 10 Questions Regarding Registration with BIR

What question do you have in mind regarding your business for the registration with BIR? I know all of us to have different questions regarding TIN. Some of these questions are: Who is required to register with BIR?, Is your business required to register annually? Is your business exempted from paying the Annual Registration Fee? I know you still have many questions in mind. Here are the top ten (10) common questions people ask regarding…


9 Things to Know During Tax Mapping

There are quite numbers of businesses in the Philippines that were subject to tax mapping penalties because of violations. I'm sure you don't want to pay an extra amount of cash to the BIR because you didn't read this. This article provides different BIR tax mapping violations and the number of penalties. Here are things that you must know before the tax mapping occurs in your area. Make sure to read this to avoid compromise…


How to Get TIN Number?

  Every Filipino in the Philippines is required to get TIN number. Do you want to know how to get the tin number? Here are the things you should know on how to get a tin number in your local BIR office and tin number online. Learn these five (5) simple and easy steps in getting your TIN in the Philippines as fast as you can. In this article you will learn also how to…

6 effective steps in studying taxation

Six Tips to Study Taxation

Do you find studying taxation difficult? Why this question arise because there are many students who have a dilemma in passing the taxation not only during their studies but also on the CPA board exam. If you have the same thoughts on taxation, well let me help you to change your first impression on taxation. Learn these six effective tips in studying taxation. This article will give you effective ways and steps on how you…


8 Effective Ways to Stay Alert During Review-CPA review tips

How do you find your review? Do find it interesting or boring? If you're having a hard time to focus on your CPA review, here are eight (8) powerful and effective tips to make yourself alert. Do you want to know it? Do you know why it might be hard for others to focus their CPA review? Here are some reasons might affect your attention in your review. If you're distracted by other things, I'll…