Category: Tips

In this category you will different tips on how to mnimize or reduce your tax legally in the Philippines. In this category you will find what are the ways that could contribute not only to earn money but it will hep help you to minimize your expenses.

Some of the tips are on how to prepare annual inventory listing, what to do when there is a notice of discrepancy, how to register your business as BMBE or barangay micro business enterprise, how to register your business in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

In addition, you will learn also on how to apply your taxpayer identifation number of TIN manually and online using ereg BIR system.

If you’re student, this category will help you how to improve your study in taxation, how to focus during reviews and other tips that could help you to achive your goal or to pass as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

How to Get a GCash Mastercard: Complete Guide

Do you want to enjoy the convenience and security of a physical debit card for your GCash account? Getting a GCash Mastercard can be an ideal option. With this card, you will no longer need to worry about spending money or having access to your funds anywhere in the world. Not only that but with it, you can quickly improve your financial literacy thanks to helpful features like budgeting tools and insights on how best to use your card. Read on for all the details about how to get a GCash Mastercard today!

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How to Increase Credit Limit in the Philippines

Requesting the bank to raise your credit limit is not always a bad sign. Sometimes a credit card limit increase is needed and helpful in preparing for your family’s growing needs. It also helps you cover unexpected expenses without maxing out your card. This increased purchasing power can also improve your credit score, lower your credit utilization ratio, and provide more financial flexibility.

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BPI Savings Account Requirements: Open an Account with Ease

When choosing a bank to open a savings account, one of the top choices of Filipinos is the Bank of the Philippine Islands or BPI. The BPI savings account already has a proven track record in savings, safekeeping, money management, small business accounts, and even payroll accounts for company salary disbursements. Whatever the purpose for opening a bank account, this article will guide you on how to open a BPI savings account and the requirements for it.

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