Business in the Philippines for Less than 50k Capital

Have you ever wanted to do your own franchise in the Philippines below 50k and become an entrepreneur but thought it needed to be more expensive and complicated? If yes, then this blog post is for you! Here we will tell you how to start a successful business in the Philippines with just 50k Capital. By hearing inspiring success stories from other entrepreneurs who started their businesses on a budget, understanding government policies that support newbies like yourself, and identifying potential pitfalls, starting up your company becomes much less intimidating. So read on to discover what’s possible when launching a business on such limited funds—you could soon be well on your way to achieving financial freedom as an enterprising young entrepreneur!

For small and medium entrepreneurs, the usual and fastest business venture is always food retail because this is considered the fastest growing in the Philippines. What comes to mind are the food carts to franchise Philippines below 50k. And while this rising trend is still applicable, advances in technology and the internet have evolved the terms of consumption among Filipinos from consuming food and goods to consuming services.

Thus, if you’re a small or medium entrepreneur looking for a startup low-cost franchise business in the Philippines under P50,000 capital, the primary industry changes today to ensure access to various physical and online selling platforms with easier access to affordable suppliers and other necessities. The most significant advantage to all this? No large overheads.

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Top Business Ideas with Just 50K Capital

Suppose you’re confused about the intricacies of a food cart franchise Philippines below 50k or don’t know where to start. In that case, specific business ideas only need P50,000 capital or less if you have particular skill sets.

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Virtual Assistant

  • Starting cost – Around P35,000
  • Possible monthly income – P25,000 and up

You can become a virtual assistant if you have potential or experience in clerical or secretarial work. This is professional work that fulfills administrative tasks for companies or businesses. You usually perform secretarial duties like scheduling meetings, sending emails, encoding letters, and booking flights. You can have a higher take-home pay if you offer specialized skills such as social media management, content writing and editing, and customer service.

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Accessory Business

  • Starting cost – P10,000
  • Possible monthly income – P5,000 to P20,000

If you have the skill and love doing handicrafts, you can capitalize on today’s people’s penchant for decorative expressiveness by selling unique and artsy accessories. P10,000 is an adequate startup capital for this, but your startup cost may slightly increase depending on the crafts and materials you use. Whatever crafts you’re making and selling, you need a good online presence so people can see and buy your products. Aside from your sites, you can join other local online stores or selling groups. When your business is established, perhaps you can venture into “triangles” and local craft markets to make your physical presence felt.

Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Starting cost – Around P40,000
  • Possible monthly income – P25,000 and up

You can choose from two options. The first is to work as a social media consultant if you already have a digital analytics and content creation background. Thus, you must develop strategies to boost your client’s presence and visitations on social media. You can schedule postings and engage or interact with the social media page’s followers and inquiries. The second option is to be a project manager or digital producer. In this scenario, you will need to form a team consisting of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist, writer, web designer, and web developer for all the client’s projects.

Online Retail Store

  • Starting cost – P15,000 – P20,000
  • Possible monthly income – P10,000 to P15,000

If you have a passion for selling specific products or have the marketing savvy to sell to particular local niches, then opening an online retail store is your thing. Your small startup cost may go up depending on what you’re selling unless you plan to manufacture and spend on materials and labor. It would help if you also covered photo shoots for marketing purposes. You can set up shop on any social media platform where you can find your niche. If you want to do dropshipping, you can initially try Lazada or Shopee. (Check out our separate article on dropshipping)

Online Tutorial Services

  • Starting cost – Around P40,000
  • Possible monthly income – P10,000 and up

If you have a background in teaching or tutoring, you only need to invest in a good laptop or computer and a decent fiber internet provider. Throw in a reliable headset, and you can start an online tutorial service for students of all ages. You can earn at least P10,000 a month if you go freelance. Or you can apply as an online teacher with a tutorial agency and teach students of different nationalities.

Food Franchise

As mentioned earlier, if you want a food franchise under 50k Philippines, the retail food industry is still viable, especially with a food cart franchise. Today, food carts selling one or two items start around a franchise fee of P35,000. A standard package includes equipment, training, and customer support. Since food retail can be risky, have an emergency fund in case of unforeseen costs. Consider your monthly rental, as this will consume most of your earnings. Just because your cart is in a mall doesn’t make the cart that marketable, as the rent might cost more than what you earn. Also, take into consideration the monthly costs of supplies.

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Sari-Sari Store

  • Starting cost – Up to P15,000
  • Possible monthly income – P10,000 to P20,000

Instead of an affordable franchise Philippines, you can go uncomplicated old school and open a classic small business sari-sari store. Depending on your store size and location, you can eventually scale up to a mini-grocery, especially if the demand is strong and you have the advantage of owning your own space. You can also attract customers by offering prepaid loading, bill payments, and cash-ins.

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Make-up Services

  • Starting cost – P50,000
  • Possible monthly income – Up to P50,000

Aside from the sari-sari store, another franchise Philippines below 50k small business considered a classic is the traditional make-up service. If you have the skill and knack in make-up for different events and even private lessons, you can monetize this talent in more ways. One of the skills needed here is tapping your network, both in social media and through word of mouth. You can start small with a select group of clients and then gradually grow your network when the term begins about how good you are. Let your work do the talking, and watch your clients grow through referrals.

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Photography and Video Business (Including video editing)

  • Starting cost – P50,000
  • Possible monthly income – P5,000 and up

Do you have a creative photographic talent? Are you good at taking videos or video editing? You can monetize your abilities by offering services to capture people’s special moments during special events or sell your photos online. This is all the more so if your hobby is photography and you already have the equipment and software. If not, you must invest slowly in extra equipment such as different lenses, extra batteries, SD cards, and lighting equipment. Make a portfolio and show this on your social media platforms. Your happy clients will become your referrals to their families and friends.

No matter how small the business, you will always need Capital. But gone are the days when one had to wait a long time to save up for a startup or to get a bank loan approved. With just P50,000 or less, you can find online startup businesses, monetize hobbies, or invest in a traditional franchise Philippines below 50k. Just keep in mind that it is one thing to start a business; it is another matter to keep it going with an unwavering will. And it entails a lot of work.   

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With the tips discussed in our blog post, anyone can become an entrepreneur, even on a 50k capital base. Your success depends on your passion, knowledge of the industry, and compliance with government regulations. Having the right inspiration, support, and guidance makes anyone “rich” in terms of experience which is invaluable for developing your ambition of becoming a successful businessman/businesswoman. So take that first step to start a business and achieve financial freedom—you can do this! Investing now in yourself can pay off later. Don’t wait too long, and make that leap into entrepreneurship today!

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