How to Apply Online TIN number

How to apply online tin number

We have been getting many inquiries lately about how to apply online TIN number. This increase of interest in online TIN registration is obviously because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has made ‘normal’ personal processing challenging. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about registering online for the TIN that leaves people confused. So, we’ve put together these most common questions to help give a clear understanding of how TIN online or eREG works.

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What is eREG or TIN online registration?

eREG or Electronic Registration is a platform created by the BIR to make an application for TIN easier. Before we discuss how to apply online TIN number, let’s understand who can use this system. The first thing to remember is this how to apply online TIN number is ONLY ACCESSIBLE for the following:

  • Large tax-paying companies registered with the BIR. According to the classification of a large tax-paying company, several criteria need to be met. For example, regarding tax payment, the company must meet any or a combination of these criteria:
    • A net VAT (Value Added Tax) paid or payable of at least 1M pesos per quarter.
    • Yearly excise tax paid or payable of at least 1M pesos
    • Total income paid or payable of at least 1M pesos for one year
    • An annual withholding tax paid or payable of at least 1M pesos
    • Percentage taxes of at least 1M per quarter
    • Aggregate annual documentary stamp taxes of at least 1M pesos
  • Non-large tax-paying businesses registered with the BIR. This includes ALL employers registered with BIR can access the online eREG system and can create or retrieve TIN numbers for their employees.

Online TIN registration IS NOT ACCESSIBLE to the following:

  • Regular Employees of large and non-large tax-paying companies
  • Businesses not registered with the BIR
  • Businesses registered with BIR but NOT registered for eREG (online registration)
  • Unemployed individuals
  • Employed but only contractual NOT regular

I am employed-How do I get a TIN online?

If you are an employee and want to get TIN online, you first need to meet these criteria:

  • You are a regular employee of a large or non-large tax-paying company
  • Your company is registered with eREG

If you meet these criteria, you have two options:

  1. Request your employer to get you a TIN using eREG system
  2. Personally visit the Revenue District Office where the office of your employer is located

I am unemployed- How do I get a TIN online?

If you are still looking for a job and are currently unemployed, a TIN is one of the common requirements. You CANNOT get a TIN online if you are unemployed. Online registration for TIN is ONLY possible for those employed with companies with the eREG system. You will need to personally visit the nearest RDO and submit the requirements to process your TIN.

For more information on how to get TIN, click here and follow the steps for fast processing.

I forgot my TIN-How do I retrieve it online?

If you are unemployed and searching for a job, you have four options:

  • Check your documents for your TIN. This may include your previous ID’s, invoices, ITR, etc.
  • Request your FORMER/PREVIOUS employer to retrieve your TIN. This will only be possible if your previous employer is registered with the BIR and eREG system.
  • Email the BIR at for your TIN request including your address, birth date, and other relevant information. It may take a few days to get a reply so this is only a good option if you are not in a hurry.
  • Personally visit the nearest BIR and go to the General Services or Customer Service counter. Present your valid ID or birth certificate for verification.

If you are a first-time employee (it’s your first job) and you have been hired, you may request your employer to use the eREG to retrieve your TIN. However, if your employer is not registered for eREG, you may follow the same steps above.

On the other hand, if you are an employee with multiple employers, you need to personally visit the RDO office of your MAIN employer, present ID verification, and retrieve your TIN there.

My employer used eREG, but I wasn’t accepted.

If your employer gets an advisory saying that the eREG System is unavailable while trying to register you online, the following may be the reason:

  • You have no middle name.
  • There are similar or matching records already existing in the BIR database

If this happens, follow these steps:

  1. Ask your employer for a screenshot or printout of the error message in the eREG system
  2. Fill up a BIR form 1902
  3. Ask your employer for a written request for issuance of TIN with a list of employees from your employer INCLUDING your name as proof that you are employed at this company
  4. Bring documents for identity verification (birth certificate, valid I.D, passport, etc)
  5. Visit the RDO office where your employer is registered with all these documents in hand

Can I apply for a TIN ID Online?

No. Application and issuance of TIN ID are to be done personally. How?

  • If you are employed, visit the RDO where your employer is registered.
    1. Fill up form 1902 indicating your TIN and if employed a written request from your employer to get a TIN card.
    2. Request a printout from your employer of the eREG confirmation page that proves your employer has issued you a TIN
    3. Make sure you have documents to verify your identification.
  • If you are unemployed, visit the nearest RDO, fill up form 1902 indicating your TIN and documents for verifying your identification. (birth certificate, ID’s, etc)


Since we would all want to have access to online TIN applications especially in this time of COVID, the fact remains: ONLY registered large and non-large companies can use the eREG system to apply for TIN numbers for their employers or to retrieve existing TIN numbers. If you are unemployed, newly employed as a contractor, self-employed (not registered with the BIR), you need to get your TIN from the nearest RDO personally. You may check this article on how to register your online business in the BIR

If you have any questions regarding how to apply online TIN number, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Watch this video on how to apply TIN Number online in the Philippines


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  1. i am employed as a janitress at city service corporation in Pasay City for almost 12 years but still i don’t know and i dont have my tin number at this time. i’ve already called it to my agency but still they did not give it to me. so, until now i dont have my tin number. i want to know my exact tin number to avail the dole/sss financial support while we are now in covid19 pandemic situation. I am marites agon del valle 39 years old and i was born on April 06, 1981. my sss #:33-9020073-7. my city service id:011-075790. i need your help to solved this kind of problem that i have. so please HELP me. i hope that you can reply as soon as you can find my tin number, so that i can pass it and call it to sss. thats the only requirements i dont have that they needed. Thank you so much in advance. Kindly, make prioritized with my problem. God bless.

  2. I am a newly hired public school teacher and Tin number is one of the requirements. I don’t have tin number please assist me

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