How to Get TIN Number Online and Verification Process

How to get tin number

Wondering how to get TIN number online for employment and how to get tin number for business? Here’s a simple guide on the process, plus what you need to do for TIN verification and how to get tin ID online. Meanwhile, keep in mind that there are different steps depending on whether you’re an individual or business owner. So read on to find out what’s required of you!​

What is the TIN Number in the Philippines?

Every person is required by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to have this number. In addition, this Taxpayer Identification Number is used in making, rendering, or filing a tax return to the BIR. So, it is important in filing your taxes to the government.

Take note only the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in the Philippines is responsible for issuing and assigning TIN  and tin ID. Furthermore, every applicant must have a different number. Moreover, an additional purpose of getting a tin ID is required in online business registration

How to Get TIN Number for Business Purposes

showing process on how to get tin number for business

Find out how to get tin number for business in the Philippines. Make sure to follow the steps below:


Step 1: Secure an Application Form

Individuals will use different forms in filing their application for Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN). To sum up, there are four different types of application forms depending on the type of business organization/earner.

showing BIR Forms 1901-1904

First BIR Form 1901 is used for Self-employed individuals, mixed-income earners, and estates/trusts.

Second, Those individuals earning compensation income purely and non-resident citizens or resident alien employees will use the BIR Form 1902 for registration. 

Third, Corporations and partnerships, including government-owned and controlled corporations, will use the BIR Form 1903 for registration. 

Lastly, Application for Registration of one-time taxpayer and persons registering under EO 98 (securing a TIN to transact with any government office) should use the BIR Form 1904.

Step 2: Submit the Documentary Requirements and Other Forms

For Self-employed and Mixed Income Individuals

  • First, BIR Form 1901
  • Identification cards that show the name, address, and birth date of the applicant
  • Photocopy of Mayor’s Business Permit or duly received an application for a business permit, if still in process with the LGU (Local Government Unit) and Professional Tax Receipt/Occupational (optional).
  • Proof of Payment of Annual Registration Fee for existing TIN or applicable TIN issuance
  • BIR Form 1906
  • A sample of principal receipts or invoices
  • Lastly, The extraordinary power of attorney and ID of an authorized person if another representative will process the application

Estates-Judicial Settlement and Trusts

  • First, BIR Form 1901
  • Photocopy of the Death Certificate of the deceased and judicial settlement
  • DTI Certificate of Registration Business Name (if You will use the business name)
  • For Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBE) registered shall submit Certificate of Authority.
  • For BOI-Arm, PEZA, BCDA, and SBMA shall submit the proof of registration or permit to operate.
  • Lastly, Franchise Documents and Marriage contract if applicable.

Individuals earnings Purely Compensation Income/Non-resident and OFW’s

  • First, BIR Form 1902
  • Identification cards that show the name, address, and birth date of the applicant
  • Marriage contract if applicable
  • Non-resident citizens and aliens shall submit the passport with Visa or any valid identification cards for OCW’s or seamen earning purely foreign-source income.
  • Lastly, Working permit/contract duly received the application for alien employment permit by the DOLE.

Corporations, Partnerships including GOCC’s whether Taxable/Non-Taxable

  • First, Photocopy of SEC certificate of Incorporation or certificate of Recording for partnership
  • In case of foreign cooperation, Corporation must submit a photocopy of the License to Do business in the Philippines.
  • Articles of incorporation (Corporation) or Articles of Partnerships (Partnership)
  • Photocopy of Mayor’s Business Permit or duly received an application for Mayor’s Business Permit if still processing with the LGU.
  • New sets of permanently bound books of accounts
  • Proof of Payment of Annual Registration Fee, except for those exempted from the imposition of ARF.
  • BIR Form No. 1906 and Sample of Principal Receipts or Invoices
  • Lastly, Board resolution indicating the authorized representative’s name and Secretary’s Certificate if other people will be processing the application.

Step 3: Pay the Annual Registration Fee and Documentary Stamps

It’s a necessary step on how to get tin number for business. Therefore, you must pay the annual registration fee is 500 pesos only at the New Business registrants Counter in the BIR office. However, the amount to be paid for the documentary stamps will depend on the business’s nature and the applicant.

Step 4: Get the Certificate of Registration from the RDO (Regional District Officer)

Get your certificate of registration to your nearest RDO.

Warning: There are only two ways on how get TIN number online and TIN ID. Don’t accept if someone will offer you to get TIN number online or for TIN ID.

How to get tin ID

How to Get TIN ID 2021

How to get a tin ID? you must secure your TIN online or apply manually. You can apply for a tin ID for one day, depending on the number of applicants. Here are the important reminders on how to get tin ID.

No fee in getting tin ID- it’s only “FREE.” If you lost your tin ID, you could still get your tin ID, but at this time, you have to pay a minimal amount. Importantly, you can only get your tin ID manually—no way to get your tin ID online. 

Here are steps on how to get tin ID.

  • First, Find a local office of the Bureau of Internal Revenue for inquiry.
  • Second, Ask for the TIN application form and fill up all the information needed. For more information about the BIR Form, please check the above information. If you are not sure about the form you needed to get, drop your comments bellows.
  • Third, After you completed the application form, submit it together with a valid ID or other reasonable requirements.
  • Fourth, Get your Tax Identification Number in the releasing window in your local BIR office.
  • Lastly, Make it laminated if it is not a plastic ID.

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How to Get TIN Number Online using eREG System

Who can apply for TIN online? According to the eREG System web application system for various taxpayer registration services, such as TIN issuance, payment of registration fee, and issuance of Certificate of Registration. In addition, it is available for corporate or Non-Individual Taxpayer-Employers to facilitate the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) of their employees. Therefore, Corporate or non-individual employers registered with the Bureau shall enroll an authorized user to access the system and issue its new employees' TIN without existing TIN.

The eREG System is currently available for use by Corporate taxpayers only. In addition, for registration of your new employees, please visit the Revenue District Office where you are registered. Click here for more details on how to apply for the TIN online using eREG. 

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Online services are suitable for those who don’t want to lose their patience in the long line. Therefore, these services are very efficient, especially for working full time and no time to go to their local BIR office. However, this online registration is only for employers, not for all. Certainly, if you don't have an employer, you will get your TIN on the nearest RDO. 

Find the nearest RDO

How to Get TIN  Number

Before you decide to get your TIN for employment, make sure to inform your HR department to assist you. Here are the tips on how to get a TIN in the Philippines.

Check out this video on how to get your TIN fast and easy.

Step #1: Visit your local BIR office.

If you're currently employed, and your residence is different from your place of employment, you should get your Tax Identification Number (TIN) from your employment place. 

Step #2: Get the application form for employment.

If you want to make it fast, you can BIR form 1902 and fill in the information, including that intended for your employer. Here are the requirements that you should have.

    • First, Any identification issued by an authorized government body (e.g., Birth Certificate, passport, driver’s license, Community Tax Certificate) that shows the name, address, and birth date of the applicant;
    • Second, Marriage Contract, if applicable;
    • Third, For Alien Employee – Passport; and
    • Lastly, Working Permit; or Photocopy of duly received Application for Alien Employment Permit (AEP) by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

Step #3: Process and Get your TIN Number

When it is your first time getting your TIN, you don't have to worry about payment. Yes, it's free, and you can also start to process your TIN ID. Therefore, make sure to get your TIN ID in your RDO or BIR, not on any person. 

TIP: New employees shall accomplish and file the application within ten (10) days from the date of employment.

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What will happen if you have Multiple TIN Numbers

In the Philippines, every taxpayer must possess one TIN only. As a result, having multiple Taxpayer’s Identification Numbers should be reported to the nearest RDO. However, if you discovered that you have numerous TIN’s, make sure you say them to the BIR to avoid future penalties. 

What if You Lost Your TIN Number

If you lost your TIN or can't remember, don't be sad. There are still ways to get your TIN. First, you can ask your employer who can verify your TIN using the ereg system. Second, you can email or visit your RDO to verify your TIN. 

Lastly, you can use the TIN Verifier Mobile Application in your android phone or IOS phone. In addition, this process takes patience and it will take much time because you to try many times but it's worth it than getting in a long line. 

How to Get TIN for OFW's

If you're working abroad and need to set up a TIN, you have options according to the RMC 103-2020. 

  1. First, apply through authorize representatives. Make sure to provide SPA to trust someone to get your TIN. Therefore, the proof of registration or the tin has been issued is when the BIR Form No. 1904 officially stamped.
  2. Second, Via email:[email protected] Those who apply via email must submit the scanned copy of BIR form 1904 and the passport page.  Also, you need to submit a certification or any proof of absence from the Philippines.


If you're looking to start a business in the Philippines, we've got your back. Certainly, you'll need to register with the BIR and get TIN ID for yourself or your company before you can do any official business dealings. In conclusion, we hope this article has been informative on how to get tin number online, how to get tin number for business and how to get tin id! Drop us some comments if there's anything else you want to know on how to get TIN number online and how to get tin number for business.

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124 Replies to “How to Get TIN Number Online and Verification Process”

      1. what form do i need to fill up if im going to get or aply TIN number for bank purposes..mkakuha po kaya ako? pano po mgverify ng TIN number?thank you

        1. Hello po can I ask po pag po nakakuha na po ng form na 1902 and na fill up na po san po sya ibibigay para makakuha po ng tin number mag aaply paang po kasi ako

  1. I have my number already but because I am an OFW I forgot my num and lost my card how can I know my num?

  2. What are the requirements in getting my TIN No.? The company i’m applying for requires me to give such. It’s my first employment and i’m about to get employed in a government agency.

    1. Hi Henry thanks for reaching us. The requirements are still the same regardless your employment. THose individuals who are earning purely compensation income and non-resident citizens or resident alien employees will use the BIR Form 1902 for registration. You may follow the same procedures stated in this article.

  3. What’s the aplicable form for me, i have a newly registered business, we register it in DTI to my name

    1. Hi Christine.You may get your TIN if youre employer is login to eREG system. If you cant get your it from your employer, you may personally get it from your nearest RDO or BIR Office in your municipality.

  4. Hi! How do we apply for TIN for 2 of our employees online using the eREG System? I am absolutely not a techie person. Can you explain the step by step procedure on how to get into the eREG System. I can’t fathom those technical words and titles. Desperate for help!

  5. Hello. I was asked by the bank to get a TIN number and they gave me an endorsement letter to get a TIN number to BIR. May I what requirements do I need to prepare and pass to the office?

  6. As of the moment I don’t have a TIN ID. But the bank that I’m opening account with needs VERIFICATION SLIP. How can I get that SLIP? What form should I need to fill-up? Thank you!

  7. I’m 19 years old, an accountancy student and unemployed. My family is going to invest in mutual funds under my name and I need a TIN to apply for an account with a broker as a requirement. Would I be granted with a TIN for this purpose? What should I need to get one?

  8. Hi, how can I have my form stamped?
    This form was still 2017 and I got the tin via online.
    Respect post
    Thank u.

  9. Hi, i have my TIN ID when im single registered in Trece Martirez Cavite, i am now married and need to update my TIN? or i can get a new One? im planning to open a sari sari store in Gen Trias, and the BIR registration is in Kawit, is my TIN able to use ?
    Thank You

  10. Hi, I’m an employer and my housemaid needs to have a TIN number for opening a bank account. I tried to create an Employer User Account on the BIR website but unfortunately, I don’t remember my COR-OCN number. Is there any other way to apply for a TIN number online? Thank you!

  11. Hi. I’m currently on leave from my work place and away from the RDO I’m registered in but the workplace asked for a TIN verification slip. Can I apply for it at a nearest RDO or I have to apply for it at my designated RDO? Thanks.

      1. Hello po. I got my TIN number on 2003 in BIR San Fernando but I did not get po my TIN ID. I was an OFW 4 years ago. Now I am about to start a new job here in the Philippines and one of the requirements po is TIN ID or verification slip. Can I get the TIN ID in another branch for example BIR Tarlac? Thank you so much.

  12. Hi.
    How can i apply for a tin # if im unemployed.
    No other valid ids as this will be the first one ill try to get.

  13. Good day,
    i would like to apply a TIN NUMBER but I have no idea how.Presently,am here in abroad .I would like to open and account in METROSEC one of the requirements TIN NUMBER. I am a Metrobank holder.
    what is the way to get it? Hope to hear you soon.
    Thank you,


  14. hi i am an ofw, i have no tin number yet and it happened the online bank registration need tin number, pwedi po ba ako makakoha ng tin number online? salamat po sa tugon

  15. Hi! What is that correct TIN app name to verify? I can’t find it on Apple Store. MY TIN was issued 2003 and I need to verify if active and can use it for future use. (There’s no way for me to go to the branch where i applied it due to travel restrictions)

  16. Hi! Is there any way that I can get a tin verification slip online? If so, how? Thanks!

  17. Hi there! I have a new employer and my tin was registered at my previous employer’s RDO. Do I have to register my tin at my new employer’s RDO or my new employer will be the one to register it so long as I provide them my tin number? Thank you.

  18. Hello. Can you help me? I’m a little confused.
    The main office of my previous employer is located in mandaluyong while I was assigned here in cebu branch. The main office was responsible for the nationwide TIN process.
    Now my former co-worker tried to get their TIN ID here in BIR cebu but they were told that they should get their TIN ID where it was processed (so technically it’s in mandaluyong).

    In my case tho, I resigned last year and my current company required a TIN ID or TIN VERIFICATION SLIP before I sign the job offer. I contacted my previous employer to request for at least one of the 2 requirements but I was told that I could get my TIN ID and VERIFICATION SLIP here in BIR cebu.

    My question is can I really get my TIN ID or TIN VERIFICATION SLIP here in cebu even though it was processed in mandaluyong ?
    If I can’t, then can you suggest other ways for me to get them?

    PS. The TIN verifier app does not work at all. It’s always “no available agent at the moment”. been using it for 3 days and still no progess.

    1. Yes you can process your TIN ID or have a verification slip in Cebu as long as you can submit a proof that you’re currently employed in Cebu.

      Request from your employer list of employees that includes your name in your current employer.

  19. Hi,
    Is there a chance to get a tin ID online for an ex ofw who still living abroad? And if can, is it possible to send the tin ID thru email and be printed by the applicant? As it is needed for also to apply job to some companies abroad.
    Hope for your reply.. Thank you and regards.

  20. Hi,
    I recently got my tin number/id through online assistance on e-reg, my purpose is to have a valid id. I didn’t know that it was not allowed, as well as the process in e-reg until I did my research… So basically I was registered as an employee even though I am not yet working. I’m still a student and I still have 1-2 years before I could actually start working.
    Will there be a problem if I was registered as employee even though I am not working? Do I need to change my status to unemployed or should I just cancel my tin number?
    I’m really worried that I may have a case in the future ?

    1. Hello Dan, since you got your TIN using ereg, it means your employer has a record. Also, BIR will assumed that your employer will always file your ITR.

      And since your status is employed, you’re required to file your ITR. So I advice to update your status.

      1. Sir, ask ko lang sana if pano makakuha ng Tin Verification Slip? 1 day process lang po ba ito? tsaka any RDO ba ang nagrerelease o kailangan ko pumunta sa RDO na nakaassign sakin? salamat.

  21. Hi. What type of BIR form should I choose in getting a TIN ID. I am unemployed and a student but I do need a valid ID for any transactions.

    If ever I’ll apply in an online platform that needs a TIN, what BIR form should I also be using to apply for a TIN ID.

    1. Please check the requirements and process how to get if you’re unemployed.

      Online platform for TIN number is only for those who are employed and whose employer are registered in ereg.

      Note: Don’t get any TIN number online because only BIR and ereg are aithorized to issue TIN.

  22. Hi Sir Murillo. May I know if I am required to show supporting documents regarding my purpose of getting a TIN? I am unemployed and my purpose of applying for TIN is for completion of requirements in stocks trading.
    Thank you very much and more power!

  23. Hello!

    I already have a TIN number but in need of a physical TIN ID. Do I still need to fill up any form to avail of a physical TIN ID? And am I allowed to give authorization to someone else to get my TIN ID? Thanks in advance!

  24. Sir, ask ko lang sana if pano makakuha ng Tin Verification Slip? 1 day process lang po ba ito? tsaka any RDO ba ang nagrerelease o kailangan ko pumunta sa RDO na nakaassign sakin? salamat.

      1. I actually need a Tin Verification Slip signed with a BIR Officer with RDO Code indicated. Can you advice me where could I get this? thank you sir.

      2. Actually po kasi sir what I need is Tin Verification Slip signed by a BIR Officer with RDO Code indicated. any advice po kaya kung saan ako pinakamabilis makakakuha nito? salamat sir. sobrang urgent po kasi

  25. Sir ask ko lang po small YouTuber po ako and I just applied for a TIN using form 1901 and I got the ID the same day but the problem is hinihingan po nila ako Form 2307 na hihingin ko naman daw po sa YouTube. But ang pagkakaalam ko po is di naman namimigay ng ganun YouTube and the other is they gave me a receipt which they said I should use (for whatever reason give the other copy to YouTube each transaction) pinapagawa din po nila ako ng ledger and a journal. Pati po pinagpapasa din nila ako ng form 1701Q 3x on each given time and an Annual 1701A. Bat parang sobrang komplikado naman po?

  26. Good day.. how to know my Tin number, i forgot my tin number, please help me.i don’t know what to do.

    1. Thanks for messaging us. I know it’s a little bit tiring. Don’t worry you can still recover your TIN number in two ways.

      First- You can use the TIN Verifier app for android and OS. But this process takes patience and you will only access during weekdays.

      Second- Go to your RDO, apply BIR Form for tin verification.

      Hope we address your concern. Thank you

    1. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. First, you can download the TIN verifier app in your android or IOS phone then choose tin verifier. It will ask some informations which you are required to provide, but you have to try many times and wait patiently.

      Second, If the RDO is accessible of feasible to go there, you can apply to verify your TIN.

      please let me know which one of these options worked for you.

  27. Hi Rosben! If you’re joining a corporation (5+ members) and you have no previous TIN as an individual, do you apply for TIN as a mixed-income earner? And then file taxes individually and as a corporation? Thanks!

  28. hi, I have my TIN number with me but I dont have the documents supporting that number. Can I ask for verification in BIR if its validated and to get a TIN ID as well?

    1. That’s good if you have TIN number, are you and OFW or not? If not, you can use the TIN verifier app to verify you TIN number. This process takes more times and you have to try many times but I guarantee you it worked. You can download in play store or App Store.

  29. Hi po matagal po ba yung pag proseso nang pagkuha ng tin number. Hirap po kase asikasuhin ng employer ko pero nasa kanila na po lahat ng requirements. Hindi ko po kase 1st job ngayon sa bago kong employer. Thanks

  30. hello po i got my TIN thru the form of 1901,, then got employed, nag resign po ako then ang bago ko pong company may sinend na form 1905. pero di ko po alam ano criteria or basis sa pagpalit ng RDO. Sana po matulungan ninyo ako

    1. permanent address ko po is Kabacan, Cotabato which is RDO kidapawan BIR,, currently working at nakatira po sa davao city. need po ba ako mag file for transfer RDO sa case ko po? thank you

  31. Mag apply po sana ako for tin number for first time gagamitin ko sana for travel para may valid id po ako..anong form po kukunin ko atska pano po yon di po ako pwede makalabas pa kasi waiting pa po ako sa vaccination ko para makapag travel po ako..pwede po kaya ako mag online?

  32. I have tin number but when I verify it? I don’t have any record. Can you help me to verify it?

  33. On my previous job my salary is below 20k po (ang alam ko walang income tax return na pinapasa kapag ganoon po ang sweldo)…pero annually po may sinasubmit na papers sa BIR and employer and pinapapirma po ako…my mistake is hindi ko po tinitingnan mabuti ang papel…so I assumed na they got me a TIN Number……now I resigned and I checked with TIN verifier ang sabi po no TIN number under my name po…..I am confused kasi if no TIN number under my name ano po ung sinasubmit nila sa BIR na kailangan ng pirma ko? Hindi ko na po sila macontact to verify po….

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