How To Pay SSS Loan In Bayad Center

If you are an individual, self-employed member, or employee with an outstanding SSS loan and looking for a payment center where you can pay your loan in the Philippines, Bayad Center is the right place for you! This blog post will show you how to pay your SSS loan through Bayad Center. So keep reading!

What Is The SSS Loan Program?

The SSS Loan program is a social security service the Philippine government provides its citizens. The program allows members with an outstanding loan with the SSS to make payments through Bayad Center. 

How To Pay Your SSS Loan In Bayad Center?

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Paying your SSS Loan through Bayad Center is easy! Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to any Bayad Center branch nationwide and present your valid ID.

There are different transaction forms, so ask for the right one. Bayad Center is located at some places in malls, Robinsons, SM, and 7-11.

Step 2: Fill out the payment slip with your name, SSS loan reference number, and the amount you wish to pay.

Include your name, SSS number, payment type, payor type, and the applicable months. 

Step 3: Give the payment slip to the cashier and pay the corresponding amount.

The cashier will give you a receipt as proof of payment. The minimum amount for self-employed, voluntary, and OFW is P550.00.

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation receipt once the payment has been processed.

Please keep this safe, as it will serve as your proof of payment. You must wait two business days to check your Employee Static Information (ESI) to see if you successfully posted the payment.

Note: Make sure you always keep your SSS monthly contribution up to date so that you can avail of the process of paying at any Bayad Center. Once you fail to pay for at least one month, Bayad Center will not accept your payment until you update your monthly contribution. 

Bayad Center Fess In Paying SSS Loan

There is a minimal fee of PHP 10 when you pay through Bayad Center. Things to keep in mind when making a payment through Bayad Center:

  1. Make sure you have your valid ID when you go to Bayad Center.
  2. Bring your SSS loan reference number so the payment can be processed appropriately.
  3. Be sure to keep your receipt as proof of payment.
  4. If you have any questions, ask the Bayad Center staff for assistance.

Where to Pay SSS Loan? -SSS Payment Centers

Aside from Bayad Center, there are other sss payment centers where you can pay your SSS Loan. These include:

Online banking:

You can pay your SSS Loan via online banking by logging into your account and transferring the payment to the SSS.


You can also pay your SSS Loan through an ATM by withdrawing cash from your account and depositing the SSS.


You can go to any bank and deposit the SSS.

Through a remittance center:

You can pay through a remittance center such as LBC, Cebuana Lhuillier, or Palawan Pawnshop.

How To Pay SSS Loan Using PRN?

If you are an OFW or a seafarer, you can pay your SSS Loan using your Payment Reference Number (PRN).

What is PRN in SSS? This is a 13-digit code that is printed on your SSS payment advice. You can use this to make a one-time payment of your SSS Loan via Bayad Center app.

Step 1: Log in to Your Bayad Center App account:

Upon logging in to your Bayad account, tap the Pay Bills icon on the main dashboard. It will direct you to a page where you can see different billers. Select SSS from the list of billers.

Step 2: Select SSS from the list of billers.

You may also choose to pay via SSS Payment Centers or Online Banking. If you are paying via SSS Payment Centers, please select it and enter the payment amount. Please select your bank and enter the payment amount if you are paying via Online Banking. Please note that there is a convenience fee for this service, which the payer will shoulder.

Step 3: Fill out the Required Information:

Entering your SSS payment information has never been easier! 

  • Preferred Nickname (Optional)
  • Reference Number
  • Amount to be paid
  • Pay for Payment Reference Number (PRN)
  • Payment Type as Self-service

Step 4: Make sure to review the information:

The CONFIRM button is located at the bottom of the page, to the right of the CANCEL button. If you have checked the bill payment details and are satisfied with the amount and payee, press the CONFIRM button to process the payment.

Remember: Once you press CONFIRM, you cannot cancel the payment. So make sure you review the details carefully before pressing that button! If you’re unsure where to find the CONFIRM button, look for it at the bottom of the page – it’s usually next to the CANCEL button.


So, suppose you’re an individual, self-employed member, or employee with an outstanding SSS loan, and looking for SSS payment centers. In that case, Bayad Center is the right place for you. This blog post showed you how to pay SSS loans in Bayad Center. We hope that this information was helpful and informative.

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