Senior Citizen Discount in the Philippines

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If you’re a senior citizen in the Philippines, you’re in luck! You get plenty of discounts and benefits – from cheaper movie tickets to waived bank fees. Check out this list of discounts and see how you can take advantage of them. Who knows? You might even be able to save enough money to travel!

What Is Senior Citizen?

Senior citizens are Filipinos aged at least 60 years old. You’ll need a valid Senior Citizen Identification Card (SCIC) to take advantage of senior citizen discounts. The SCIC is issued by the Office for Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) and is free of charge. You can apply for a card in your city or municipality’s OSCA office.

Senior Citizen Discounts

Senior citizens are entitled to many benefits and privileges under Republic Act No. 7432, otherwise known as the “Expanded Senior Citizen Act of 1992”:

A 20% Discount

  • Purchase of medicine
  • Professional fees of attending physician
  • Medical and dental services
  • Transportation fares for public vehicles, domestic air transport services, and sea shipping vessels.
  • Hotels, restaurants, and recreation centers.
  • Funeral and burial services

Income Tax-Exempt

If their income is not higher than the minimum wage, Senior citizens are exempt from paying income taxes

Grant A Minimum of 5% Discount

Senior citizens who reside in their homes give a minimum five percent discount on public utility bills for electricity and water supplied by the government

You must register your meter with local authorities, but this only applies to one household, regardless of how many people live there at any given time. Each month, you are limited online up to 30 cubic meter of water. It means you will only be charged for the amount of water your family uses.

Death Benefit Assistance

The nearest surviving relative of a deceased senior citizen will receive at least Two thousand pesos (Php2, 000.00). This amount may increase due to inflation by the guidelines set by the DSWD.

Cash Gifts

The Centenarians Act of 2016, otherwise known as Republic Act 10868, entitles all Filipinos who reach 100 years old or above to a letter of congratulation from the President of the Philippines and a centenarian gift worth Php 100,000.

To claim the cash gifts, you need to submit the following requirements:

  1. Duly accomplished application form
  2. Valid IDs.

Social Pensions

Indigent senior citizens are entitled to a monthly stipend of Five hundred pesos (Php500.00). It aims to help with their daily subsistence and other medical needs, subject to review every two (2) years by Congress in consultation with the DSWD.

Social Safety Nets

Social safety assistance will be available to senior citizens, including food, medicines, and financial aid for repairing their homes. It will help them if there is an economic shock, disaster, or calamity. The social safety assistance will come from the disaster/calamity funds of the LGU (local government unit) where the senior citizen lives. There are guidelines that the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) will issue about this process.

Mandatory PhilHealth Coverage

The national health insurance program of PhilHealth shall cover all poor senior citizens. The LGUs where the needy senior citizens live shall allocate the necessary funds to ensure the enrollment of their indigent senior citizens by the pertinent laws and regulations.

How to Avail Senior Citizen Discounts?

To avail of senior citizen discounts, you must present your valid SCIC when purchasing. Without an SCIC, you won’t be able to enjoy the discounts. So make sure that you always carry your card with you!

How To Get A Senior Citizen ID?

Getting a senior citizen ID is easy.

Step 1: Present A Valid Identification:

You will need to present your valid Philippine passport, birth certificate, or baptismal certificate and two copies of a recent 1×1-inch photo.

Step 2: Submit The Documents

Therefore, Once you have all the necessary documents and requirements, visit your city or municipality’s OSCA office to apply for an SCIC. Make sure to bring your documents with you when submitting your application.

Step 3: Get Your Senior Citizen ID

After a few days, you’ll be notified when your senior citizen ID is ready for pick-up at the same OSCA office where you applied.


Availing of senior citizen discounts can make life much easier for seniors. With the help of an SCIC, you can now enjoy exclusive benefits from establishments, local governments, and even airlines! Again, don’t forget to always keep your valid senior citizen ID with you when traveling or shopping around.

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