Solo Parent Benefits: Enjoy 10% Off and VAT Exemptions

Welcome to a world of incredible solo parent benefits in the Philippines. This guide takes you on a journey through the many advantages that come with the solo parent ID benefits. Being a solo parent can be challenging, but thanks to the government’s Solo Parent Act, a lot of support is available. From access to better education and healthcare to promising employment opportunities, the Act is here to make life easier for Filipino solo parents.

But there’s more! Did you know about the latest updates on financial incentives for solo parents? It’s time to learn about the 10% discount and VAT exemption that can help ease your budget. So, let’s dive into the world of solo parent benefits Philippines together, and discover how these perks can make a big difference in your life. Simple, straightforward, and packed with vital information – this guide is all you need to navigate being a solo parent in the Philippines.

As a solo parent, juggling a career, household chores, and parenting duties can be challenging. Fortunately, the Philippine government recognizes the unique struggles faced by single parents and has established programs to support them, including the Solo Parent ID.

What is a Solo Parent ID?

A Solo Parent ID is a government-issued identification card that grants exclusive benefits and privileges to single parents in the Philippines. This ID serves as proof of being a solo parent and is required for accessing various assistance programs, such as financial aid, social services, and special programs.

Benefits of Being a Solo Parent

Single parenthood can be challenging, but there are many advantages to being a solo parent. Here are some significant benefits of being a solo parent that you should know:

Financial Assistance

The Philippine government provides financial aid to solo parents under different programs. These programs offer education, livelihood, medical expenses, and housing assistance.

Access to Social Services

Solo parents can access various social services through government agencies and non-government organizations, such as legal, medical, and psychological assistance.

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Specialized Programs

Special programs are available to solo parents that cater to their specific needs, like daycare centers, counseling services, and skills training programs.

Acquiring a Solo Parent ID

You must meet specific eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documents to obtain a Solo Parent ID. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to acquire a Solo Parent ID:

1: Prepare the essential documents, including your child’s birth certificate, the death certificate of the spouse if applicable, and proof of income or financial status.

2: Go to your city or municipal social welfare office and request a Solo Parent ID application form.

3: Fill out the application form and attach the necessary documents.

4: Submit the application form and wait for the social welfare office to process your application.

5: Once approved, you will receive your Solo Parent ID.

10% Discount and VAT Exemptions

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has issued new guidelines for solo parents. These guidelines provide 10% off on basic necessities and prime commodities, VAT exemptions, and priority access to government services.

The 10% discount applies to purchases of basic necessities like rice, corn, bread, and other essential goods for daily consumption. The VAT exemption means solo parents can avail themselves of necessary services without paying the additional 12% VAT.

Requirements to Qualify for Incentives

The guidelines note that only specific requirements must be met to qualify for the incentives. Here are the two requirements:

  • A Solo parent’s annual income must be no more than P250,000 to be eligible for tax incentives.
  • The child or children of the solo parent must be six years of age or under.

How to Claim the Incentives

Once you have a Solo Parent ID, you can claim the incentives by presenting your card at any store or outlet that offers discounts for solo parents. In addition, you can also present it when availing services to get the VAT exemption.

Commodities subject to a 10% Discount and VAT Exemptions

  1. Milk’s Baby
  2. Micronutrient and food supplements
  3. Medicines and other medical supplements
  4. Vaccines
  5. Sanitary diapers

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How to Compute the Discount

Let’s demonstrate this with an example. Let’s say that a solo parent purchases a product priced at PHP 1,000.

Step-by-Step Computation

Original Price: The original price of the product is PHP 1,000.

VAT Deduction: The VAT rate in the Philippines is 12%. To compute the VAT, multiply the original price by the VAT rate (in decimal form). So, PHP 1,000 x 0.12 equals PHP 120. This amount is the VAT.

Price After VAT Deduction: Subtract the VAT from the original price to get the new price: PHP 1,000 – PHP 120 equals PHP 880.

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Discount Rate: Solo parents are entitled to a 10% purchase discount.

Discount Amount: To compute the discount, multiply the price after the VAT deduction by the discount rate (in decimal form). Therefore, PHP 880 x 0.10 equals PHP 88.

Discounted Price: Subtract the discount amount from the price after VAT deduction to get the final price: PHP 880 – PHP 88 equals PHP 792.

So, if a solo parent were to purchase a product priced initially at PHP 1,000, they would only have to pay PHP 792 after the 12% VAT and 10% discount have been applied.


Therefore, being a solo parent can be challenging, but the Philippine government recognizes the unique struggles faced by single parents. The Solo Parent ID is a valuable tool that can help single parents access financial assistance, social services, and specialized programs. Certainly, with the latest updates from the BIR, the Solo Parent ID also provides additional benefits like 10% discounts and VAT exemptions. If you’re eligible, we encourage you to consider applying for a Solo Parent ID to take advantage of these benefits.

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