SSS Loan Requirements: For a Hassle-Free Application

If you are a regular paying Social Security System (SSS) member, you are entitled to a salary loan to meet any short-term financial needs. Called the SSS salary loan, this is a cash loan available to all SSS members with at least a total of 36 months of consecutive contributions. Since you are technically borrowing your own money, SSS members are given easy SSS loan requirements to apply for the loan, approval is fast, and the interest rate is much lower than those offered by other financial institutions.

Who Is Qualified to Apply for an SSS Salary Loan?

  • SSS members who are employed, self-employed, or making voluntary payments can apply so long as they have at least 36 months of consecutive gains. This qualifies the applicant for a one-month loan. The member must have at least 72 months of consecutive payments for a two-month loan. One-month loanable amount is up to P25,000. For two months, up to P50,000 can be loaned.
  • Must be at most 65 years old at the time of application.
  • The employer must be updated with the employees’ payment contributions and loan remittances if employed.
  • Has not been granted death benefit, retirement benefit, and total permanent disability benefit in the past.
  • Has not been disqualified because of fraud committed against SSS.

SSS Loan Requirements

For member-borrowers:

  • Member loan application form
  • SSS digitized ID or E-6 (acknowledgment stub)
  • Any two valid government-issued IDs such as:
  • Unexpired driver’s license
  • PRC ID card
  • Passport
  • Postal ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • OWWA card
  • Senior Citizen’s or PWD card
  • Voter’s ID

(Go to for a complete list of accepted valid IDs for loan application)

If filed by the member-borrower’s authorized representative:

  • Member-borrower’s duly accomplished member loan application.
  • Authorized representative’s SSS card and two valid IDs containing photo and signature.
  • Letter of Authority (LOA) signed by both member-borrower and the authorized representative.
  • Member-borrower’s SSS card or any two valid IDs with photograph and signature.

If filed by an employer:

  • Member-borrower’s duly accomplished member loan application.
  • Authorized Company Representative (ACR) SSS card.
  • The employer’s letter of Authority (LOA) and any two valid IDs.
  • Member-borrower’s SSS card.  

How to Apply for SSS Loan

A member-borrower can file the salary loan application at the nearest SSS branch in their residence or business or online at the My.SSS portal.

OFW members can file their salary loan application at an SSS Foreign Representative Office in selected countries. If there is no SSS office in the country they are working in, they may send their application with the supporting documents to the Philippines and authorize a family member/relative to file at an SSS branch and make sure to submitsss loan requirements. Documents issued in another country must be authenticated or certified by the Philippine Embassy or consulate.

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How to Apply SSS Loan Online

1. Create a My.SSS account

You can apply for a salary loan online through the My.SSS portal, but you need to register online and create an account. If you are already registered, open your My.SSS account with your username and password.

2. Enroll a bank account for the salary loan disbursement

You must enroll in your bank account for the Proof of Account Ownership for Disbursement Enrollment Module (DAEM). The SSS now requires members applying for a loan to upload proof of account ownership when enrolling in a disbursement account. Loan checks are no longer released to members. This ensures that the loan amount goes directly to the SSS member who applied. For the DAEM, the member can upload any of the following:

  • An ATM card that shows the full account number, the account holder’s name, and the issuing bank
  • Bank statement or certification
  • Foreign remittance receipt
  • Passbook
  • Screenshot of the online/mobile banking account
  • Validated deposit slip

3. File salary loan application online

  • Open your My.SSS account. Click on E-Services > Loans > Apply for Salary Loan. The loanable amount and local mailing address will be displayed automatically.
  • Select the desired loan amount; an amount lower than what is shown on the screen can also be loaned.
  • Select the disbursement account you enrolled in to receive the loan proceeds.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully, then check the “I Agree to the Terms of Service” box and click on Proceed.
  • Download and print the Loan Disclosure Statement. This document contains the monthly amortization schedule and loan interest. Click on Proceed.
  • You will then see a notification message with the salary loan application details. Keep a copy of the transaction number. You can also refer to the message sent to your registered email address or the notification inbox of your my.SSS account.

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What is the SSS salary loan processing time?

The SSS salary loan processing time is determined by the following:

For employees – Your employer is given three working days to certify your salary loan. Once this is done, the member-applicant will be notified through email or SMS about the loan application status.

For voluntary, self-employed, OFW, and separated members – Notification will be through email or SMS if the application has been approved.

Once the loan application is approved and the loan proceeds are ready, the member-borrower can claim the amount through their enrolled bank account or if they enrolled with a PESONet-accredited bank through the SSS. Typically, loan proceeds are credited to a bank account within two working days after the loan application is approved, and the member receives an email or SMS. All in all, the whole process up to the loan disbursement takes around 8 to 10 working days.

Salary loan applications submitted online by OFWs, self-employed, and voluntary members online are usually approved within “60 seconds.” This is according to the SSS. Still, wait for the email or SMS for the final approval, and then check your enrolled bank account after 2 – 3 days.

Transferring an SSS salary loan to a new employer

If an SSS member is moving to a new employer and has yet to finish paying the loan in full, the member must notify the new employer and SSS. Just notify the Member Service Section at any SSS branch that you are changing your employer. They will then request your full name, SSS number, and signature. Then, submit an updated statement of your outstanding SSS salary loan to your new employer, who will make the necessary arrangements to deduct your monthly amortizations, including interest, from your salary.    


Leveraging a loan in a financial emergency is one of the most intelligent decisions you can make. The SSS Salary Loan offers an avenue for Filipino employees who are SSS members to finance unexpected expenses or emergencies without having to sacrifice too much. As a bonus, you get lower rates and longer repayment terms than commercial loans. But getting your loan approved will depend heavily on various factors, such as meeting eligibility criteria and having the requirements. That’s why getting familiar with these steps is recommended before applying for the SSS Salary Loan. We hope this blog post helped shed light on what the sss loan requirements is all about, from understanding its key features to other tips that can help during your application process. Our goal here at TaxGuro is to provide helpful information and advice about financial services options so that more Filipinos can access knowledgeable resources whenever they need them most.

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