How to Pass CPA Board Exam Philippines- 10 Effective Tips that You Should Do

how to pass CPA board exam
Difficult roads often lead to a beautiful destination
To be a Certified Public Accountant is not easy to get those three letters to be included in your name. It takes time, determination, patience, and self-control. Certainly, all of us went to many sleepless nights, tons of buckets of tears, and taking many pre-board examinations and money. There are many ways on how to pass the CPA board exam Philippines but here are the top 10 effective tips that you should do now.

Despite those, passing the CPA board examination will open many opportunities in life. If you’re reading this, either you want to pass the CPA board exam or to be one of the top notchers. Before giving you some tips, you must know the reasons why you must take it seriously. Let me inform you first, why this board exam is one of the difficult examinations here in the Philippines.

1o Tips on How to pass CPA board exam Philippines

Why you should be interested to know these tips? We know that no matter how hard we try if we don’t know what to do, it won’t work. For example, assuming that you have all the materials to assemble but the problem is you don’t have the manual to assemble. In a similar way, having tips will help you to organize and build your dreams.

Tip# 1: Make sure to Have Contact

Going to a place without contact is a dangerous decision to do. Having contact with to place will help you to make your stay peaceful and comfortable.

Tip# 2: Don’t Bring To Many Books

For some students who are taking the review, they will bring all their books to a review. Is that a wise decision to make? Well, the answer is not. It is unwise to bring all those books in the review because it could only add to your stress.

Also, most of those books are read during college and you have many notes on it. However, if you really want to bring it,  make sure that those books will help you to understand not to give you more reasons not to study. Finally, bringing those books might cost you in traveling back and forth. I’m telling you, you can’t read many books during your review.

Tip # 3: Don’t Bring Review Materials

Are you keeping your final examinations, pre-board, comprehensive or other examination materials? If yes, it really helps you a lot in reviewing topics. However, if you’re planning to bring all of those in your CPA review it would not be a good idea.

Do you know why? During your review, the review center will give a lot of materials, and your friends in the other review center might give you other materials. Those materials are enough to read during your review.

Tip # 4: Find Friends who can help you

Make sure you have your friends who can be your motivator or focus not on friends who can bring you destruction. Maybe you can go with someone who is known in your school as intelligent or who can help you understand some topics. Be wise my student. Your friend can lead to success or failure.

If you find taxation as a difficult subject, find someone who is good at taxation who can help you to understand well.

Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself upThomas J. Watson

Tip # 5: Stay Focused and Positive

If you are a breadwinner, there is a lot of pressure on you, but don’t worry you can still do it. Think of your future not the future of your family.

I know most of the student, they failed the CPA board examination because of taxation. Well, you need to live and enjoy studying taxation. Have more effort in studying taxation and be updated always. The most important tip is not to procrastinate in your study.

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as wellMark Twain

Tip # 6: Have a Good Study Habit

A key to success in passing the CPA board examinations is your good personal schedule and discipline. Prepare a good schedule for your personal study and make sure you prioritize the difficult topics. I know taxation might be one of those.

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as wellPele

Tip # 7: Be Confident

Many takers of the CPA board exam have no self-confidence. Having no self-confidence can lose your focus during your studies. Make sure to tell yourself that you can pass it and you will reach your goal as a CPA this year, not next time.

Tip # 8: Have Time to Relax

Studying and pressures will be so tiring. Don’t forget to relax and have some recreation with your friends. Having a positive vibe will help to stay focus and energetic in your study.

Tip # 9: Make Sure to Have the Right Amount of Sleep

There are many benefits to having a good sleep. According to the research, sleep can help you to improve your memory, puts you in a better mood, and lastly, having a good sleep will make you smarter. So don’t forget to have the right amount of sleep every day. Don’t torture your body by not giving enough amount of sleep.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anythingIrish Proverb

Tip # 10: Take A Nap in the Afternoon

If you have a busy morning or day and you can have more energy for the whole day, take a nap in the afternoon. Why napping is very important for those taking the CPA board exam? Well, there are many scientific benefits of napping. Naps can help you to acquire new knowledge or skills. Having a regular nap can improve your daytime alertness and help to retain more what you have learned on that day. So make sure to have a regular nap in the afternoon.

Laziness works. And the simple way to incorporate its health benefits into your life is simply to take a napTom Hodgkinson

5 Tips to Become CPA Topnotcher

Aiming to pass the CPA board exam is not enough. What else can you do? You can make a realistic goal to be a topnotcher. To be a topnotcher is not an easy goal to do. In this article, we will learn from the Jason Chan-topnotcher and Jomari Jess Abellar- 2nd placer last May 2018 CPA board exam.

You must start your preparation in college if you want to become one of them. Being top in the board exam is not to be done within a short period of time. You must devote more time to doing it not only dreaming of it.

you intend it, feel it and work on it. And there must be a focus on the goal that you want to achieve. From the big goal to make it detailed to make more realizableJomari Jess Abellar- 2nd Placer May 2018 CPA Board Exam
What is the formula to pass the CPA board exam as a topnotcher? Learn this basic formula: Success= Consistency+ Self-Control+ Hard work+ Confidence+ Generosity. How to acquire those qualities? Learn from the above details.


In every aspect of life, flexibility is essential. The same thing also is aiming to be a topnotcher. How does consistency work? According to Jason Chan-topnotcher says, “aiming to a topnotcher does not start during your CPA review. You need to start at the very beginning at the very moment you took up the accountancy course.”

Consistency will help you to focus on your long-term goal. Always be consistent in your purpose and study habit. However, consistency is not enough without self-control. Why is restraint needed?


Self-control is needed because of distractions from our friends, family, and the environment. Without restraint is challenging to be consistent in your study habit. Despite those distractions, how to cultivate self-control? What you need is an excellent study schedule and stick to it. Make sure that you also have enough time for yourself.

If you’re in the first year in the accountancy course, now is the time to make a proper study schedule. Make sure that you will make a realistic schedule. What does it mean practically? Well, make sure that the program you make is feasible to do. Having consistency and self-control will give you the third formula-hard work.


Every success there is always hardworking. Make sure to have enough time to study in every subject in the Accountancy course. For example, if you’re having difficulties in studying taxation, don’t stop. Find a way to enjoy and learn the difficult subject you have. It would be better if you can be friends with those students who are at a higher level so that you can ask them if you can’t understand.

Everybody wants to enjoy their college life. However, if you’re going to be a topnotcher make sure that you can still focus on your long-term goal. Don’t be tempted to do what others are doing. You need to remind always yourself that there is “time for everything”.

Make sure to read and rewrite notes and then practice answering the questionJason Chan
Study now pay laterJomari Jess Abellar


After having all said those qualities, you must have the courage to say that you’ll be a topnotcher someday. Without confidence, it would be a dilemma for you to reach your long-term goal. If you don’t have yet, make sure to develop it now. Make sure to read this article to build your confidence.

One way also to build your confidence is to be prepared at all times. Even there are no examinations, quizzes, or recitation, make sure to read and rewrite your notes from the previous discussions every day. Reading plus solving problems and answering multiple choices could sharpen your understanding regarding the topic. For example, if you’re having difficulties in understanding taxation, make sure to read the latest issuance, tax cases, or even answering multiple choices. If you’re confident enough, then you’re ready for the next step-being generous.

This quality is not only giving something to someone who needs but also sharing your learning with others. According to the research conducted by the BPS Research Digest is exceptionally useful.  When you teach others, you’ve got a better comprehension and understanding.

You can form a group study where you can share what you’ve learned — doing so will help you to be confident and to have a long-term comprehension


Therefore, after reading these tips on how to pass the CPA board exam Philippines you should be doing it right now. But how can you focus while in a review? During my review, I observed that some of those taking reviews were having a hard time understanding the new techniques and methods.

Despite the efforts of the students, you know the fact that not all of those who took the review succeeded in passing the Philippine CPA Examination. There are many reasons why some failed the examinations, one of these is during the CPA review. Read this to know how you stay alert during your reviews.

If you have other tips that will help those who are aiming to be CPA, please drop your thoughts in the comments. Your thoughts will inspire thousands of our future CPA’s. If you find these tips helpful to you and to your friends, don’t forget to click the share icon below.


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