A Step-by-Step Guide to Pag Ibig Online Registration

Are you planning to register with Pag-Ibig and take advantage of its many benefits? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to completing your online registration for Pag Ibig. With just a few clicks of your mouse and filling out some vital information, you can now easily register under Pag Ibig from the comfort of your own home or office! So let’s jump into it and get started!

What Are Pag Ibig And Its Benefits?

Pag-IBIG Fund, or simply Pag-IBIG (short for Philippine Amortization and Insurance Underwriting Office), is a government-owned and controlled corporation set up by the Republic of the Philippines to provide its citizens access to savings, housing loan, and social security. It is present in almost all cities, municipalities, and barangays.

Benefits of Pag Ibig

Savings: You can save money with Pag-IBIG’s Savings Program, which guarantees that your deposits are safe and liquid anytime you need them. This program also provides competitive interest rates and incentives such as Cash Reward Bonuses during holidays.

Home Loan/Funding – This program allows you to own your dream house without paying large down payments or pre-terminate through easy installment payment options; you can even borrow up to 6M pesos!

Social Security Benefits: Once registered in Pag IBIG, members can avail themselves of protections from unforeseen risk through Death Benefit claims and Provident benefits arising from disability due to sickness or accident through Multi Purposes loan (MPF).

Payment Flexibility: Members are entitled to choose their preferred payment terms ranging from one month up until five years for loan repayment periods depending on their capacity, as evidenced by the income documents required of every applicant when applying for an MPF loan or a housing loan application with The Fund.

Who Can be Pag-IBIG Members?

Any individual who is 18 years old and above can be a Pag-IBIG member. This includes both Filipinos living in the Philippines and abroad. Even minors may join if they meet specific criteria, such as having an employer or parent who regularly contributes to their fund.

The Pag-IBIG membership program is designed for Filipino citizens and Landbased Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to receive housing, loan assistance, livelihood development, calamity assistance, and other benefits under this program. Membership contributions are mandatory deductions from the employee’s monthly salary by employers—contributions to the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF). Self-employed individuals who wish to avail of its services may also become voluntary by paying their monthly contributions directly to Pag-IBIG offices nationwide or through online banking facilities with selected accredited banks, including BPI Family Savings Bank, Metrobank Direct and Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC).

Membership allows you access to different benefits, including:

• Housing loan programs for Filipinos looking into buying their own home in the Philippines;

• Retirement benefit programs, so members have something saved up when they retire;

• Multi-purpose loans that cater to employees needing money during emergencies;

• Short-term savings plan made explicitly for OFWs allowing them to save earnings while working abroad;

• Calamity Loan Program, which provides financial aid during times of natural disaster like typhoons, hurricanes, etc.;

• Livelihood Assistance Program that provides funds needed by entrepreneurs starting their small business ventures; And lastly

• A death Benefit payable in case of death or permanent disability of any active Pag Ibig Member.

Voluntary Membership

Individuals who do not fit into the above mentioned categories but still wish to become Pag-IBIG members may apply as voluntary members. Voluntary membership is open to Filipinos and foreigners aged 18-65, and they fall under one of the following categories:

  • Non-working spouses, such as married housewives/husbands, who approve of their Pag-IBIG membership.
  • Former Pag-IBIG members are no longer employed but earning passive income or allowance (this includes pensioners and investors).
  • Public employees without a GSIS membership (this includes barangay chairpersons and S.K. members).
  • Expatriates and foreigners below 60 years old working in the Philippines (mandatory until 2019).
  • Students (18 years old or above) wishing to become voluntary members, even without a part-time job or income.
  • Unemployed Filipinos, like new college graduates willing to become voluntary members by making monthly contributions.
  • Immigrants, coop members, trade union members, religious leaders (and members) within the eligible age bracket.

Mandatory Membership

According to the Pag-IBIG Fund law R.A. 9679, membership is mandatory for:

  • Private employees of private companies with permanent, temporary, or provisional employment status and up to 60 years old with/without SSS membership.
  • Government employees with GSIS membership (including members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, and Bureau of Fire Protection).
  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), both land-based and sea-based workers, now require monthly contributions for Overseas Employment Certificate applications.
  • Self-employed professionals like freelancers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and others aged 60 or below earn at least 1,000 pesos monthly.
  • Household workers like drivers, maids, and gardeners make an income of at least 1,000 pesos per month.

How To Register For Pag-IBIG Online?

If you register for Pag-IBIG for the first time and do not have a membership I.D. number, you may complete your registration through their online portal. Employees may not need to register since their H.R. department should handle this process.

To use the Pag-IBIG online portal, follow these steps:

 1. Navigate to the portal’s new registration page.

  • Fill out the details on the online membership registration form.
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

2. Complete the information

  • Make sure the name is the same as indicated on your birth certificate.
  • Put in your father’s and mother’s (maiden) names.
  • Click the “Next” button to proceed.

3. Complete the contact information

  • Enter your email address. 
  • Put your contact number into the designated form. 
  • Click the “Next” button

4. Indicate your desired heirs

  • Click the “Add Heirs” button
  • Fill out the corresponding form.
  •  Once you’re done, or if you want to skip this step, press “Next.”

5. Complete the Member Section

  • Enter the information required into the forms
  • Click the “Next” button to proceed

6. Fill up employment history

  • Press the “Add Employment Detail” button to complete the form. 
  • If you want to continue or skip this part, click the “Next” button.

7. Return and verify the information

Submit the form to complete your Pag-IBIG registration. Afterward, you may print the MDF form, which includes your registration tracking number (RTN) as proof of completion. 

To request your permanent Pag-IBIG membership identification number (MID), text “IDSTAT RTN BIRTHDATE (MM/DD/YYYY)” to (0917) 888-4363 for Globe and T.M. users or (0918) 898-4363 for Smart, TNT, and Sun users.

Tips in Pag ibig Online Registration

Double-check all the details.

Double-check that all the details entered are accurate. Wrong information during registration may prevent your transaction from failing or result in delays when applying for loans and benefits. If incorrect information is entered, fix it in your membership before availing of loans and other advantages.

Try to avoid taking any breaks.

During the registration process, try to avoid taking any breaks. If there is no activity on the page for 15 minutes, the system will automatically close to protect your information. To ensure you don’t need to restart the process, type something in one of the forms every 15 minutes.

Note your Registration Tracking Number (RTN) and Membership Identification Number (MID)

Ensure you note your registration tracking number (RTN) and membership identification number (MID). The Human Resources office will request the MID when transferring to a new company, and you may need to contact Pag-IBIG or visit their office if you need these numbers.

Pag-ibig Online Registration FAQs

Are there any requirements when applying for Pag-IBIG online?

When applying for Pag-IBIG online, no specific information is required. Be sure to double-check all the details you enter, and it would be helpful to have your birth certificate on hand as the elements should match what’s found on the document.

How do I verify the Pag-IBIG number?

You have several options to request your Pag-IBIG membership identification number (MID). You can send a text with IDSTAT [RTN] [Birth date in MM/DD/YYYY format] to either 0917-888-4363 (Globe and T.M.) or 0918-898-4363 (Smart, TNT, and Sun). Alternatively, you can call the Pag-IBIG hotline at 8724-4244; they will ask you three security questions that must be answered correctly. Lastly, you can visit the nearest Pag-IBIG office; bring an identification card for identity verification, and the staff will provide your MID.

How much is it to register for Pag-IBIG membership?

No fees are incurred when you register for a Pag-IBIG membership through the online portal.

Can I recover a lost Pag-IBIG tracking number?

If you are looking for the registration tracking number from Pag-IBIG, check your phone’s inbox first. If it is not there, send an SMS, call the Pag-IBIG hotline, or visit a Pag-IBIG office.

How can I update my Pag-IBIG membership online?

To edit or update your Pag-IBIG membership details, a visit to the nearest Pag-IBIG office is necessary. Before heading to their office, ensure your member’s data form (MDF) is prepared with your registration tracking number (RTN). Unfortunately, there is no way to do this through the program’s online portal, so double-checking all details during registration is essential.

Can I get a Pag-IBIG loan after registering online?

Pag-IBIG loans cannot be availed immediately after registering or making the first few monthly contributions. To qualify for a loan, at least 24 monthly contributions must have been made, and all other requirements must have been met.


By completing the pag ibig online registration, you are now taking the necessary steps to regain the financial security that comes with it. You can now enjoy all the benefits and privileges of being a proud member of this organization. Once registered, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are now part of an organized program that looks after its members’ financial well-being and also contributes to your savings through profitable investment opportunities. It’s time to reap the rewards of being a Pag-Ibig member and get on with life, knowing you have taken the proper steps towards creating a sound financial future!

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